I Am Hated (Fehn)

I Am Hated – Insano Igor

Vídeo de Entrada do Insano Igor -Musica: I Am Hated -Artista: Slipknot.

See and download I Am Hated (Fehn) music score

Slipknot: #3 – Antennas To Hell

Antennas To Hell – Now Available on iTunes: bitly.com/Sk-ATH Download The New App for iPhone and Android: bit.ly/WearTheMask KNOTFEST tickets O…

my mom hates slipknot and wont let me listen to them or talk about them? ok so im a christian, and my mom is a verrrryy verryyy verryy verryy hardcore christian. I love to listen to slipknot and she hates them.she claims them to be satanic and shit. i need help on convincing her she is being a fucking asshole about it and its pissing me off sooo bad. she wont even let me be Chris Fehn for halloween. wtf is that.so anyways hit me up with some usable info or something 🙂 thanks in advance; IM OUT!

See and download I Am Hated (Fehn) music score

Religious people don’t listen to reason. It’s just kind of something you have to accept when dealing with them. Especially the hardcore ones. Many parents are like that anyway, they don’t want their children exposed to the disturbing words/ideas portrayed in some music. I’d suggest assuring her that they are not satanic and telling her that it’s just music, and it won’t be affecting your personality or anything. But honestly, in most cases, with parents like this, there’s not a whole lot that can be done. I’d try not swearing at her though.

i’m a christian and slipknot has been my favorite band since i was 14 (i’m 20 now.) tell your mom that it doesn’t matter what the lyrics say, you just like the sound of them. my parents used to be kind of strict, but as i grew up they saw that the music i listened to (metal) didn’t change the way i acted or my religion. just cause you like slipknot doesn’t make you satanic. their actually not satanic. go to black-goat.com and look up song meanings. they might have some heavy lyrics, but there’s meaning behind them. their actually very intelligent people.

Slipknot: Love ’em? Hate em? Explain yourself? PLEASE no one post “cus theyrr cool” or “cus tey suck!!11!”I’m looking for actual answers that you can back upAt least TRY to appear intelligent 😛
SLIPKNOT FANS? im just starting to like slipknot and i started out my listening to surfacing and wait and bleed and i really like the song and i like the band but i no nothing bout them can u just tell me all the ppl or snogs or albums. thenxx for helping ur all the best
google them.. Wilkipedia has a lot of info about them. They have been around for quite some time,a nd are rather good. They are working on their 4 th studio album I think. Cory Taylor is my daughters favorite!

SONGS:AAll Hope is GoneBBefore I Forget (Single Version)Before I Forget (full length version)Before I ForgetBlister Exists, TheButcher’s HookCCircleCarveConfessionsColeslawDDanger, Keep AwayDanger, Keep Away (Full Version)Despise DisasterpieceDilutedDo Nothing / Bitch SlapDogfish RisingDon’t Get CloseDon’t Get Close (rough mix)DualityEEeyoreEverythings EndsExecuteFFrail Limb NurseryGGehennaGet ThisGentlyGently (MFKR)Gematria (The Killing Name)HHeretic AnthemHeretic Anthem (Clean-Version)Heretic SongHeretic Song (Rough Mix)IIowaI Am HatedInterloperKKillers Are QuietLLeft BehindLeft Behind (Single Version)LiberateMMy PlagueMetabolicMay 17thMe InsideMy Plague (New Abuse Mix)NNameless, TheNew AbortionNo LifeOOpium of the PeopleOnly OnePPrelude 3.0Pulse Of The MaggotsPeople=ShitProstheticsPsychosocialPuritySScream(SIC)(SIC) (Molt-Injected Mix)ScissorsSkin TicketShape, TheSlipknotSpit It OutSpit It Out (Rough Mix)Spit It Out (Demo)Spit It Out (Hyper Version)Spit It Out (Single Version)SulfurSurfacingSurfacing (démo)SnapSnuffTTattered And TornThree NilVVirus Of Life, TheVendettaVermilion Pt.1Vermilion Pt.2Vermilion Pt.1 (Single Mix)Vermilion Pt.1 (Single Mix)Vermilion Pt.2 (Bloodstone Mix)WWait & BleedWait & Bleed (Terry Date Mix)Wait & Bleed (Radio Edit)Wait & Bleed (Callout Hook)WelcomeWherein Lies ContinueWindowsMEMBERS:Sid WilsonJoey JordisonPaul GrayChris FehnJim RootCraig “133” JonesShawn “Clown” CrahanMick ThomsonCorey TaylorFORMER MEMBERS:Donnie SteeleAnders ColsefiniGreg “Cuddles” WeltsJosh Brainard


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