Hymns by Luther

I went to a meeting and heard that the church of christ? dont use hymn books in church and do not use or believe in musical instruments in the church is that true?and why not?

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Many of them believe that, but it contradicts the Bible because throughout the Old Testament they used instruments and psalms. As you can see this is not doctrinal and it clearly shows that God inhabits the praise of his people, through the uplifting of songs and instruments. What people have to start understanding is the where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. As a Christian you should praise the Lord how He leads you to praise Him as long as your worshipping Him in spirit and truth. We can run people off with so many can do’s and can’t do’s, my question I always ask people like that is “what does the Bible say?” If they can ‘t prove it with scripture that is nonchalant to me.

we believe in doing only what the bible gives us authority to do. in the new testament we dont see where the apostles are using any musical instruments in their worship service and conclude that there is no biblical authority for them. just go to church of christ dot com. the apostles who wrote the new testament knew all about musical instruments yet they never used them in the worship service so we cant just bring them into the worship service just because theyre fun. we dont just do what we want we try our best to do what the apostles did in the new testament. not all the churches of christ practice the same level of conservativism there are some that are quite liberal and go so far as to play musical intruments.

..actually seeking an answer by asking is good and you would probably get an answer which is what a person would think.. to seek the real stuff,.. why not ask those who were in the meeting and perhaps discuss with them the reasons and rationales why they do what they do.. remember, you went to this meeting which shows your ‘thirst’ for knowledge and this is good.. do keep it up. “.. I went to a house.. and there was this guy who would bring in something to read when he does his ‘business’ in the toilet..if you asked, you will struggle to response.. ‘cos you are not this guy who use the toilet..” Hope this make sense to you..

in every TRUE church of christ every person should have a bible or they could tell u that god says this or that and you wouldnt be able to look that up so u would belive them and as far as music goes some churches dnt belive in that because they are religious they are clean from the outside not from the inside but it is not ur flesh that will go to heaven but your soul and spirit plus the bible says that we should praise GOD with song and all kinds of worship and you cant make songs without instruments or noises so i would advise you to look for a church that isnt religious ppl take bits and pices and try to live by what fits them not by what is right that includeds ppl that live by the law (in the old testement)but by the law is what they will be judged by aswell

I am a member of the church of Christ and every congregation I have attended has used a hymn book that has the songs in 4 part harmony. They are also written with shaped notes to help people read music. There are some congregations that also use a projection system to put the words to the song up on the screen. We do not use instruments because when we read about the New Testament church in the scriptures there is no mention of the use of them. We sing in four part harmony which is really beautiful music. There is no instrument that can match the sound of the human voice. I have visited some churches and the instruments drowned out the singing. We simply try to pattern our worship after what we read in the New Testament. Perhaps you should attend a church of Christ near you and see for yourself what one is like.

I am a member of the church of Christ. We use hymn books, but not man-made instruments.Christ says he has “all authority” and the disciples were to teach the things He had commanded. (Matthew 28:18-20) Nowhere in the New Testament did the apostles teach or show an example of the use of instrumental music in worship of the church. ALL of the verses in the New Testament that talk about music in the church have SINGING as the type of music. To use another type of music cannot be done from authority found in the New Testament because the New Testament nowhere authorizes its use. The authority to use instruments in the Christian church therefore does not come from God. If used, instruments must be authorized by men. If we follow a man’s authority (teaching), does Christ still have “all authority” in our religious lives? Most is not the same as “all”! One of the verses that teaches about music is Col. 3:16. This verse specifically tells us to sing. The very next verse (verse 17) says, “Whatever you do in word or deed, DO ALL IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS.” “In the name of” means by the authority of, or according to the instructions. Jesus and the apostles did not authorize the use of mechanical instruments in the New Testament church. You cannot play an instrument by the authority, according to the instructions of, or in the name of Christ because he did not instruct it. The New Testament did specify “singing” as the type of music we are to use in worship. To do anything else is to follow the commandments (doctrine) of men rather than God. Teaching as doctrine the commandments of men makes worship “vain”, or useless in God’s eyes! (Matt. 15:9) Why not be satisfied to worship in the way God’s word has authorized? “We ought to obey God rather than men”! (Acts 5:29)When God told Noah to use “gopher wood”, other types of wood were excluded. When Naaman was told to dip in the Jordan River, he knew other rivers were excluded (2 Kings 5). God has been specific about the music in the church, singing. Why add to his word? Interesting, many of the founding fathers of denominations that now use instruments were opposed to their introduction. Among those against instrumental music were John Wesley, Adam Clark, John Calvin, and Martin Luther. So one should not question why we don’t use them, the question should be “By what authority do you add them to your worship”? Why not be satisfied to simply worship as God’s word instructs? Some point out that David used instruments. As for David’s harp, He lived under the Law of Moses (Old Testament). We are now under the Law of Christ (New Testament). If you bind one part of the Old Law today, you are subject to keep the whole law. In Galatians 5:3, some were trying to bind circumcision, an Old Testament commandment. Paul said if they bound this one item, they were “debtor to keep the whole law”. In James 2:10, if you keep the whole law, but miss one point, you are guilty of all. If you try to bring over authority for David’s harp from the Old Testament, you must with the same authority bring over all of the animal sacrifices, feasts, Passover, the Sabbath day observance, yearly trips to Jerusalem, and the all of the other Old Testament commands. We must keep the whole law if we keep any part. If we try to justify ourselves by the Law of Moses, we have “fallen from grace!” (Galatians 5:4)God is not worshiped with men’s hands (Acts 17:25) but with the heart. This verse talks about God not living in a temple made with hands, but it also applies this to hand-made worship, yet many say they worship on an instrument that was made with hands and played with the hands.The instrument God wants is our heart. Ephesians 5:19 instructs us to make melody in the heart. These verses also say the purpose of music in worship is to speak and teach. An instrument cannot do this. In fact, it is more difficult to speak where there is background noise, therefore an instrument may interfere with these scriptural purposes of music in worship.We should not add to or take away from God’s word. We should worship as he instructs! The New Testament does not instruct the use of a mechanical instrument in worship, so the church of Christ has no authority from the Bible to add it.Yes it would seem that at times, the God at least tolerated instruments in the Old Testament, but we now have a new covenant, the New Testament.Also by the end of the Old Testament, God’s word says, “Woe to you… Who sing idly to the sound of stringed instruments, and invent for yourselves musical instruments like David” (Amos 6:3-5)Does this sound like God now wants instruments?

Oh No! Come to my church and have a rockin good time! Music itself is not from the devil. As a matter of fact it’s a God given gift. God and Jesus love rock n roll!


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