Pack: How Much I Feel

Dave Pack – How Much I Feel

with Todd, Ann Wilson, Entwistle, Alan parsons.

Pack: How Much I Feel sheet music is available for downloading in digital format.

David Pack doing another Ambrosia classic How Much I Feel

Great classic 70s pop song.

Do You Ever Feel Like Packing Up and Going Somewhere Far Away? Sometimes when I get stressed out, I just feel like packing up and going somewhere far away. Where is the first place you would go if you could just get away for a while?

Pack: How Much I Feel sheet music is available for downloading in digital format.

I think about this a lot. I get cold really easily so it would have to be somewhere warm, maybe even tropical. I love nature as well so maybe Australia or the Amazon.

If I were you, the boreal forest. Yes, I want to get far away, and I’d like to go straight into the woods, ten min. away.

ya.i feel the same, especially since the people u associate with don’t love u like ur family does or always i always want to pack an go home to my parents.

How do you find a hot pack? I’ve been buying 2007 Topps Chrome Football hobby boxes that guarantee one auto per box. The auto usually is no one any good. There are stores around that sell packs that I can actually feel each pack (like target) and I would like to know what I need to look for to find a hot pack, particularly with this brand and type because that’s what I’ve been buying and like to buy. Thanks A LOT for your help!
I sell a guide on ebay for this for $2.99 if youre interestedbut basically, there are numerous ways to find these packs; though jersey card packs are easier to find, its still possible to find auto packs.Also, keep in mind the retail stores like Target, Wal mart, etc, have numerous people doing this and it’s rare that youll come across a box that HASNT been searched already. Just the other day I was in Target and saw a guy pulling out all the boxes and going through them trying to find these packs..I wouldnt recommend buying individual packs from retail stores, for that reason. Try a hobby store instead. Theyre a lot more honest and dont allow pack searching, like the retail stores do.

What are some creative ideas for packing luch for school? I want to start packing lunch to save money and to eat less calories all together. The reason why I -and possibly others- feel that packing lunch is boring is because of lack of options. I really want to explore different ways to make sandwiches, new snacks, virgin daiquaris(lol), etc. Well tanks in advance 🙂
Shape your sandwhich. i know you can buy sandwhich shapers at the store like hearts,trianges,circles,dinosaurs, ect. Also you can decorate your bag or whatever you use and then it’ll show your interests and creativeness

make cookies ,and put a smiley face on your can add fruit veg.make your own lunch bag and buy sandwich shapers

I take yogurt and mix granola in it at work and sometimes I mix fruit in it as well. I make chicken salad sandwhich from scratch at home. Add fresh veggies to your sandwiches and different types of cheese.

Dont pack the same thing everyday. Have a slight variety. Have a good healthy sandwhich one day (wheat bread lettuce, tomatoes, etc) than have a yogurt and a small fruit like grapes, and than you could even have a small desert like a cookie or something. Another day you could have a leftover like pizza, a apple, and a small amount of chocolate. Just be creative about it!

i dont know if you’ve heard about this as it was new to me. this past summer one of my friends had a cook out and for dessert she brought bananas and a box of jello mix. you just put the dry jello mix in a small container and dip the banana into it. you can use different flavors and you can get fat free mix so you can switch it up. my friend said her mom use to send it w/ her for lunch. its really good, healthy, and cheap.

You can use yogurt in different ways to prepare lunch . This can be mixed with bread and topping / sauces or mix with cornflakes etc. to prepare salty dishes .Yogurt can also be used to make sweet dishes.using cashew nuts or dry fruits. May add Cherries to add color.

well for sandwiches, i have two favorite ones that my sister makes First one is you put mayo on both sides of the bread then u add ham on one onions and tomatoes and lettuce then she adds lke chips mostly Lays BBQ or Ruffles :pThe other one is peanut butter on both breads then ham then onions tomatoes lettuce then she adds avocados and spicy mayo sauce

You can make about a million different kinds of salads. Just be careful of the dressing, as that is where you really pack in the calories.

Make your sammys out of different kinds of “bread”. Use pita bread one day, whole wheat English muffins the next and don’t forget about tortilla roll-ups . Freeze your juices and yogurts. This makes for a good way to keep your lunch cold and also a great treat.When you want a change from sandwiches try a pasta or noodle salad that you can make the night before.Hard boiled eggs are easy are good for you.Once the weather changes a hot bowl of soup and some corn bread really hits the spot.Hummus and pita chips work. And in some feta cheese and Greek olives.Don’t overlook last nights dinner. Pizza or leftover chicken always work.

Wraps – put your favorite sandwich fillings in and use something for “glue” to spread around the edges to seal it. examples: mayo, mustard, any kind of creamy salad dressing, cream cheese, goat cheese.Put together a bunch of “pick” foods. Examples: baby dills, olives, cubes of cheese, carrot sticks, celery pieces stuffed with peanut butter or cream cheese, chips and salsa, hummus and pita chips.Put some homemade soup in a thermos.Leftovers from dinner usually works.Cold chicken wings with celery, carrot sticks and blue cheese dressing. Just bake some wings on a foil lied baking sheet until crispy and cool.Get creative with salads – You can add chicken pieces, canned tuna, sliced beef or hard boiled egg to some of these to get your protien. Top lettuce with.Mediterranean – Feta cheese, kalamata olives, cucumber, chick peas, sun-dried tomatoes. Use a nice balsamic vinaigrette.Mexican (Taco Salad) – ground beef cooked with taco seasoning and cooled, avocado or guacamole, chopped tomatoes, sliced black olives, grated cheddar cheese, salsa. You don’t need dressing if you use salsa, or use ranch.Veggie Delite – alfalfa sprouts, sliced cucumber, chopped tomatoes, sliced radishes, avocado slices, blanched and cooled veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots). Add some sunflower seeds, nuts or raisins for a nice twist. Dressing of choice.Chinese – Bean sprouts, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, scallions, baby corn, straw mushrooms, crispy chinese noodles, cashews or almonds, broccoli, grated carrots. Get a nice bottled oriental dressing.


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