Morrissey (How Soon is Now?)

Morrissey – How Soon is Now? – Viña 2012

Presentación Completa de regalo.

Download and print PDF scores of Morrissey (How Soon is Now?)

Morrissey – How Soon is Now?

Morrissey performs How Soon is Now? live at Pinkpop.

‘How soon is now’ and other question song titles? How soon is now – The SmithsWhat’s going on – Marvin GayeWhy does my heart – MobyDo you feel – Peter FramptonHow do you – RadioheadI don’t know, how soon is now? And I’d like to know of others.

Download and print PDF scores of Morrissey (How Soon is Now?)

Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself? – Morrissey.Watcha Gonna Do? – Imelda May.Little Man, What Now? – Morrissey.Why? – Tracy ChapmanAre You Serious? – Til TuesdayAngel, Won’t You Call Me? – The DecemberistsHow Am I Different? – Aimee MannWhat Difference Does It Make? – The Smiths

Why do so many people assume opinions on immigration is always racist? Morrissey has just won a court hearing against NME magazine after they suggested he was a racist. They quoted Morrissey allegedly saying: “Although I don’t have anything against people from other countries, the higher the influx into England the more the British identity disappears.”He was also quoted as saying: “the gates of England are flooded. The country’s been thrown away.”I believe BOTH of these statements are fair valid points and there isn’t a hint of racism in either. Racism is used far too often to condemn opinions on immigration and it’s wrong. Every country on the planet is entitled to their own national identity because it’s all about culture and traditions, however, as soon as a British person starts talking this way they’re instantly labelled as a racist or a member of the British National Party or the English Defence League. It all spawns from the media who love to judge people and criticise them while at the same time promoting propaganda designed to mass manipulate what people think and feel. In fact, I would say it’s worse than that, I would say the mainstream media point fingers and allege racism in order to deflect from their own institutional racism. (basically saying, ‘look were not racist because we’re exposing racists)Cat Lady: When were talking about national identities, theres a very VERY big difference between cultures, traditions and ANCIENT bloody history. Plus, the Romans and Viking invaded and conquered England, they was not invited and welcomed. Cor Blimey next you’ll be saying we shouldn’t mind if Nazi’s won the war because that’s what us British have always done. Haha. That’s a silly argument I’m afraid. My point is if you yourself was born and bred British and you don’t understand our national identity then your either completely removed from society, cat lady or your living in denial.This is not racist in the slightest because there are plenty of black and asian people who were born here and also feel this national identity that our TV does it’s best to destroy and turn into a taboo subject.Nemesis: Double standards?? You need to shake away your brainwashing. I didn’t colonise ANYWHERE. When I talk about traditions, I am talking about the traditions that are RELEVANT to my life which are the traditions my parents and grandparents had. I couldn’t give two shoots about the traditions of my great, great grandparents because that’s ANCIENT HISTORY.I don’t think its too much to ask to keep Britain British and keep a clear distinction between British and the politically correct multicultural british.
Morrissey certainly has a point but I don’t see how they would classify him a racist. He was certainly under thin ice for his comment on the Chinese a few years back. Too be honest, the Government will allow anyone to enter the country, it’s a complete joke. Crime rate is even higher because of this!

There’s two different issues here:1) Morrisey’s statement shows he knows nothing about the ‘British identity’ – if you look at the history of all the British people, they comprise of immigrants from all over Europe and beyond – including the Romans, Vikings, etc. and it has been this way for many many centuries. British identity is based strongly on the fact that we have been invaded by many previous cultures and nations, and that more recently we were part of an Empire which meant we are multicultural by nature. In addition to this, many of the ‘people from other countries’ he is referring to are British born and whose parents or grandparents were deliberately encouraged to move here to fill gaps in the job market, by a series of adverts and economic incentives.2) Most people who take that ‘I don’t want them over here’ attitude are racist. They also believe ‘they’re taking all our jobs’ when the reality is that far too many white working class Brits are lazy, work shy layabouts who’d sooner take the dole than go out and mop floors or clean toilets for a living.Edit:Hmm, people usually are very defensive when their racist viewpoints are challenged, as your rant at me shows. If you don’t want to hear opinions different to your own, why post questions on here in the first place? Not everyone will agree with you, and I don’t.

I dont think theres really an answer to this, but the way I see it, its often a comment made from opinion (as opposed to researched fact) that can be interpreted as racism. For example, Morrissey refers to the the “british Identity” but what is the “British Identity” ? Britain has a history of lots of things, but one of its “identities” is cultural diversity. So arguably, the influx of “foreigners” is strengthening Britains identity! Also, saying that “the countrys been thrown away” .thrown away from what? If there is evidence that immigrants are causing more problems than they solve, then I would also agree. But i’ve never seen any of this evidence. However, its the difference between “immigration” and “racism” – would i be racist for saying I want to stop Americans from coming into the country? They’re the ones who have changed the British Identity more than anyone else!!

Good point. the colour of the immigrants is irrelevant. whether they come from Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Ukraine,’s the sheer number of them that’s bad. we should be allowed to say “’re not coming in here”. Australia does. why can’t we. Brussels says so, that’s why!

An opinion on immigration is not racist if it is solely about NUMBERS. It becomes racist as soon as it involves ethnic background.The problem with talking about British identity is that Britain was not bothered about this during the British Empire. If it was OK for the English to move all over the world and call their colonies British territory, how is it not OK for people from this British territory to move to England? You can’t have double standards.

You know I am ‘born and bred’ British and you know what I don’t understand national identity but I’m not completely removed from society because I think it’s overrated rubbish. Does it really matter which rock you’re born on? And if you look into it you will realise that at some point in our ancestry we’re all immigrants, theres no such thing as pure British like the BNP and EDL believe.I do agree with you on one thing though, there are too many people coming in to the country and they should control it better but multiculteralism is just as important. One last thing: I seen members of the BNP and EDL and most are either racist or proven criminals that have no clue.


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