How It Used To Be by Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin- How it Used to Be

Inspirational song from Kirk Franklin’s “The Fight of My Life” album. Enjoy.

How It Used To Be by Kirk Franklin sheet music is available for immediate download.

Kirk Franklin How it used to be *with lyrics*

the best song from his new cd the fight of my life sorry this video is not that good but i luv this song so much i needed to upload this song ***if u want a …

I need a Christian song to be played as we exit the church, the recessional. Any suggestions? ? I originally was going to use Kirk Franklin’s September but it was used in a sweet sixteen recently but my cousin (that teaches me for opening up my Please I have 4 months to figure out so much!I want something upbeat as the entrance songs will be slow and emotional. I want the song to say ok we are married, now lets party! =)

How It Used To Be by Kirk Franklin sheet music is available for immediate download.

You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban is not strictly Christian but it’s used at a lot of religious events and weddings.

OH! I’ve got a good one.Something Beautiful by Newsboys. Upbeat and good’m just gonna add more as I find them :)Made to Love by Toby MacGonna Be A Lovely Day by Kirk Franklin

aw crap.. for some reason i cant remember any. but i usually have like a bunch. my email is maybe ill remember then

How do I make a mix cd of gospel music on computer? I am not too computer and electronic savvy but I want to make a mix cd of some of my favorite gospel songs like Kirk Franklin, Byron Cage etc. I asked my brother because he makes cd’s but he said that he doesn’t know where to get the gospel music from he only has rap and r & b.I want to know where I go to get the music to make a cd and how to do ot?Thanks for your help.
To get free music you have some option.Someone is bound to recommend you get Limewire – ignore them. LW is peer share software. The problem is that LW is very likely to leave your computer vulnerable to malware – viruses. because you’re nto tech savvy, I would recommend that you not use any peer-share software.You can probably find the songs you want on sites like Again, potential for malware – since Beemp3 doesn;t host the files AFAIK (they just link to them) they can’t guarantee that the files are safe.Your best and safest bet is your local library where these songs are on CD’s you can likely borrow for free. You can then “rip” them from the CD to your computer. You can also buy older CD’s on eBay for very cheap.Once you have the CD, you can easily rip them to your HD using windows media player, winamp, iTunes, realplayer r any number of programs. If you use wmp, make sure to go into settings and specify that you want your songs to be ripped to MP3 and not WMA.Once you have the song tracks ripped as mp3 files, get a blank CDR.You can make a music CD using CD-R in one of two ways, each with an advantage over the other.You can make an “Audio CD” again using programs like wmp. On WMP, choose the “burn” tab and a playlist (empty at first) will open. You just “drag” the music files from their folder on your HD into that playlist. when finished, choose “burn”. Burning audio CD’s is easy and fast. They will play on any player, but only hold about 80 minutes of music.Instead of an Audio CD, you can make an MP3-CD. Again, that’s using a CD-R.Instead of using wmp (or any program) just copy the MP3 files onto the CDR using windows explorer. This is easier than using WMP and an MP3-CD holds way more than an Audio CD (potentially over 10 hours. The disadvanatge is that not all CD player will play MP3-CD. (The player will have the logo for “MP3” on it – otherwise, you can assume that it will only play audio CD.

Does anyone know a gospel song that revolves around not judging people togetherness/unity? I wrote a play having to do with kids who have been judged and want people to directly tell them the problem. I even used Matthew 7:1 in it and i want to perform it in church but i need a song that goes with the theme. (Preferably by Kirk Franklin and that i could do a praise dance to but if not it’s OK)
I don’t know if this can help you, this is a rap song called “words I never said” it’s basically a guy that is called “The voice of the people” and he’s just telling the world leaders what he thinks PS. I don’t know if it is appropriate for a church it says F*CK like 5 times but you can change that FL*Ck
The “don’t judge me bro” culture is something very recent in Christian history, I doubt you will find a “gospel” song about it.2 Thessalonians 3:14-15You are suppose to warn others of their evil, this involves judging what is good and evil. You don’t get to judge if they go to heaven or hell, but you have to use common sense and tell what is right and wrong. If someone doesn’t listen to what is right, you are suppose to excommunicate them.

I need an upbeat gospel song that the teens in my church can dance too? we have already danced to many Tye Tribbett songs and Kirk Franklin like: so amazing, like me, victory, etc.
If you only want music to DANCE and sing along to you have to go to this web site. The music is what is called royalty free. That means that the person who wrote it gives the music away for free as long as it is NOT used for money making (profit) ventures (you still have to buy the track though) cut and paste this into the searchbar and find something that you likeplaylist for gospel rhythm and blues

What is the most recent song have you listened to? I was listening to Kirk Franklin – Imagine Me (via earphones) while Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together played in the background
What are some good Christian songs I could listen to? I am a 19 years old girl and used to listen to rap and rock. But I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and live just for the Lord. Any suggestions as to what would sound good to me? I would very much appreciate it!Thanks
Rebecca St JamesJaci ValesquezHILLSONG!you can find many good ones on wishes honey,glad to hear ur turning a new leaf.

glad you asked, I have a bunch I recommend.Modest Mouse – BukowskiMarilyn Manson – Disposable TeensMarilyn Manson – The Fight SongNine Inch Nails – HeresyXTC – Dear God

I like Third Day and Three Days

Well if you’re still into rock, I would suggest Demon Hunter. So far in my opinion, they’re the only metal band with Christian themes that doesn’t suck (very rare for me to say that a Christian metal band doesn’t suck).Even as an atheist, I do like their music.

Good for you! I think it is great that you want to listen to some praise music too. Christian songs vary in types, if you like Rock style music, there are plenty of bands that are really good: Hillsong United. Their Cd’s are “live” concerts. My favorite songs of theirs are the following :”Tell the World “, “My Redeemer lives” , “Shout to the Lord” and ” Our God”.Delirious? is also good and my favorite song of theirs is “Majesty (Here I am).I like also Mark Roach’s ” A thousand Hallelujahs” ,” The least I can do” and ” It is well”. I liked Rebecca St-James ‘s song ” Wait for Me” .The soundatrack for the movie “Facing the Giants” was really good too. Josh Bates ” You Never Give up on Me” cheers me up and it very inspirational.:Hope this helped:)

There is a song called “the Revelation Song” that I absolutely love, but can’t remember who sings it. You may also want to check out these artists.1. Casting Crowns2. Nicole C. Mullen3. Chris Tomlin4. Mark Schultz5. Matthew West6. Kutless7. Jeremy Camp8. Brandon Heath9. Steven Curtis Chapman

My current favorite Christian might also like Toby Mac.for favorite Christian group is Casting Crowns.incredibly powerful lyrics in all their songs.for not be your style but these songs (and others like Voice of Truth and If We Are the Body) have messages that you can’t beat if you’re looking to inspire and challenge your faith!

You can try these artist:Todd Agnew-Pop/contemporaryToby Mac-Modern/alternative rockMercyme-Pop/contemporaryMark Shultz-Pop/contemporaryNicole C Mullen-InspirationalCeCe Winans-InspirationalKirk Franklin-Urban gospel/R&BAvalon-InspirationalYolanda Adams-Urban gospel/ R&BCrystal Lewis-Urban gospel/R&BThe blind boys of Alabama-Urban gospel/R&BJeremy Camp-Pop/contemporaryBob Carlisle-ACKurt Carr-Urban gospel/R&BCasting Crowns-Modern/alternative rockSteven Curtis Chapman-Pop/contemporaryThe Crabb family-Southern gospelDC Talk-Modern/alternative rockFFH-InspirationalAmy Grant-Pop/contemporaryNatalie Grant-Pop/contemporaryAl Green-Urban gospel/R&BHillsong-Praise and worshipJars of clay-Modern/alternative rockMichael W Smith-InspirationalMary Mary-Urban gospelDonnie McClurkin-Urban gospelNewsboys-Pop/contemporaryNicole Nordeman-Pop/contemporaryBebo Norman-Pop/contemporaryThe oak ridge boys-CountryPhillips, Craig, and Dean-InspirationalPoint of grace-Pop/contemporaryChris Rice-Pop/contemporarySelah-InspirationalSixpence none the richer-Modern/alternative rockAaron Shust-InspirationalRebecca St. James-InspirationalSonicflood-Praise and worshipSuperchick-Modern/alternative rockThird day-Modern/alternative rockChris Tomlin-Pop/contemporaryRandy Travis-CountryKathy Troccoli-InspirationalJosh Turner-CountryHezekiah Walker-Urban gospel/R&BMatthew West-Pop/contemporaryBrian Littrell-InspirationalThat’s just a few!


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