Cat Stevens (How Many Times)


Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam Folk-Rock Folk Rock 70’s Singer Songwriter A beautiful song By Cat Stevens, from one of my favourite albums (Foreigner 1973)! This so…

Check out digitalized sheet music for Cat Stevens (How Many Times)

Cat Stevens – 03 – How Many Times [HQ]

FOREIGNER is an album released by English singer-songwriter, Cat Stevens in July 1973. In addition to the minor hit “The Hurt”, which received a moderate amo…

How do I stop getting a dull sound on my guitar? I’m a beginner, learning my first song that requires me to play individual notes rather than chords (Cat Steven’s ‘First Cut is the Deepest.’) The intro requires me to hold my fingers in the D-chord position on the 7th fret, then pluck the strings individually in a pattern. However, no matter how much I practice I always manage to touch the other strings slightly and end up getting a muted or dull sound when I pluck :/ Do you have any tips for getting out of this habit?

Check out digitalized sheet music for Cat Stevens (How Many Times)

Does it sound like what would be notated as an X on a tab? If so, hold the strings a little harder. Is it fretbuzz? If so, hold the frets down closer to the metal fret. Does it sound like a palm mute? Make sure your palm isn’t touching the strings. Are you accidentally strumming more than one string at a time? Practice playing simple melodies more before you try arpeggios. Is it that your fretting fingers are touching more than one string? If so, keep practicing your barre chords.It was a little difficult to figure out what the issue is, but I think I covered just about all possible issues and the only real solutions for these issues.

Open your hand up more. This means getting the palm out further away from the fretboard so the fingers will be at more of a 90 degree angle to the fretboard. Other than that it just takes time and patience, we all went through that and I still do from time to time. You will soon figure out the right way to position your finger so you don’t mute strings, but getting that hand opened up is key.

Who are the best folk and soft rock musicians of the 60’s and 70’s? I did a guitar history subject for fun at university and I’ve really taken a shining on to folk revival and soft rock music. What are some of the best musicians of the past and the present because I want to expand out of the Simon and Garfunkle, Cat Stevens, Bert Jansch and Bob Dylan I’ve been listening to recently. Thanks for the help!
Jimi hendrixs little wing and castles made of sand, johnny cash, fleetwood mac, try looking into blues like howling wolf, bb king, bo diddley, and other artists

Fairport ConventionRichard ThompsonSandy DennyNick DrakeThe ByrdsTim BuckleyGordon LightfootTim Hardin

AmericaFairport ConventionSandy DennyJames TaylorSeals & CroftsJim CroceJanis IanMelanieBuffy Sainte-MarieCarole KingJoni MitchellChi ColtraneSteeleye SpanJohn PrineDon McLean

Suggested playlist (in alphabetical order by artist):Alan Parsons Project, “Time” Branduardi, “A La Foire De L’Est” Power, “Werewolf”, “Wishing You Were Here” Cohen, “Who By Fire”, “Be Not Too Hard” Mac, “Sara”, “L’Écolier Assassin” Shins, “New Slang” Young, “The Old Laughing Lady”

to add to the list: These guys were good ; The Lovin’ Spoonful

Which songs bring a lump to your throat, no matter how many times you hear them? For me its:1) My little girl – Tim Mcgraw2) Cats in the Cradle – Cat Stevens version3) The Grave – George Michael version4) Hurricane – Bob Dylanlooking at this list, it seems a bit odd really, but these always do it for me!
.b/c it reminds me of my own life. My parents split when I was my dad could marry the “trophy wife” he’d been having an affair with. I was always so close to my father but after he married this woman who was only 9 years older than me, our relationship went downhill. As a result, I have been “looking” for something my whole adult life.not sure what. I have a wonderful husband who loves me but I am not always happy with myself or my life. That song really hits home for me b/c it talks about the damage that can be done to a young girl if she is abandoned by her father. “.Fathers, be good to your daughters/Daughters will love like you do/Girls become lovers, who turn into mothers/So mothers, be good to your daughters, too.” It always makes me sob.
A ballad about a man who is dying but won’t wake up his wife so she won’t fret.
1. We’ve Only Just Begun by The Carpenters (biggest lump)2. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by The Platters3. Candle In the Wind (both versions) by Elton JohnGood question!

couldnt you say the film Harold and Maude could be deemed disturbing? There has been much talk about the 1971 film Harold and Maude. Some classify it as a somewhat of a comedy, others say its a drama and cult classic. To me, I found the film disturbing, with his pretending suicide, the ending where she takes the pills, and the scene when the mother is trying to match make and he scares the one college girl away with the fire and he has a sick grin on his face. Has anyone else found this film to be somewhat disturbing, and then all the while through it they are playing Cat Stevens really deep and sad music. Anyone get my drift?
It is very disturbing at times, I agree. Apparently, in the book it is hinted that she is suffering from dementia, also that she survived Auschwitz. Talk about disturbing.

What can I do to pass the time in a really long car ride? I will be driving half of the time. 14 hour trip. Riding with one other person. And ideas?
ipods. take pictures. read. or we play these silly games:1. take turns making an alphabetical list of items you would bring to a picnic (or wherever). each person has to remember & say all the preceding items. like: “i’m bringing an apple, a boat, a cat, and. a dog.”2. the name game where you say a category or people (people we know in real life, movie stars, authors, fictional people, etc) & you start with one. then the next person’s name has to start with the first letter of the last name of the previous person. like: authors. aldous Huxley. Harriet beecher Stowe. Steven hawking. etc.


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