Silver (How Green Was My Valley)

Malibu Creek State Park Timelapse (Canon XHA1S)

Tetsing out my new Canon XHA1S in Malibu Creek State Park. Malibu Creek State Park is a California state park in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu, in C…

Download and print Silver (How Green Was My Valley) sheet music

John Badham on STAGECOACH

John Ford’s enduring milestone (his first sound western) was the film that Orson Welles studied over and over before embarking on Citizen Kane. Dudley Nichol…

What is the figurative language of The Storm by Walter de la Mare? The Storm”by Walter de la MareFirst there were two of us, then there were three of us,Then there was one bird more,Four of us–wild white sea-birds,Treading the ocean floor;And the wind rose, and the sea rose,To the angry billows? roar–With one of us–two of us–three of us–four of usSea-birds on the shore.Soon there were five of us, soon there were nine of us,And lo! in a trice sixteen!And the yeasty surf curdled over the sands,The gaunt grey rocks between;And the tempest raved, and the lightning?s fireStruck blue on the spindrift hoar–And on four of us–ay, and on four times four of usSea-birds on the shore.And our sixteen waxed to thirty-two,And they to past three score–A wild, white welter of winnowing wings,And ever more and more;And the winds lulled, and the sea went down,And the sun streamed out on high,Gilding the pools and the spume and the spars?Neath the vast blue deeps of the sky;And the isles and the bright green headlands shone,As they?d never shone before,Mountains and valleys of silver cloud,Wherein to swing, sweep, soar–A host of screeching, scolding, scrabblingSea-birds on the shore–A snowy, silent, sun-washed driftOf sea-birds on the shore.What is the figurative language and personification in this poem? Please help! I’ve been working on this for about 2 hours and I’m having a hard time. And thanks in advance!

Download and print Silver (How Green Was My Valley) sheet music

On a quick read, I’d say the “se-birds” are people, maybe gathering on flotsam after a shipwreck. They gather together and are carried to shore, where more “sea-birds” await. That’s figurative language, which basically means “not literal.” Hope this helps.

I see no evidence in the poem that the birds represent people in a shipwreck. The most logical way to read this is to assume that they are actual birds: the poem describes the behavior of actual sea-birds during and after a storm.In fact, there is clear evidence that it does NOT refer to a shipwreck. The birds, at the beginning, are on the SHORE before the storm ever begins. That would not describe the location of humans who are about to be shipwrecked; they’d be on a ship.(This isn’t to say that a reader can’t possibly consider the “birds” to represent people’s behaviors and attitudes during and after some kind of crisis, but it’s quite plainly not a shipwreck.)But as for figurative language: Just look at one example. “The yeasty surf curdled.” Is there actually yeast in the sea water? No. The raging water, though, LOOKS LIKE dough or some other substance in which yeast is fermenting, creating bubbles and foam, etc. That’s an example of figurative — not literal — language.

What would be good to replace a large ornamental grass? I don’t like the ornamental grass in my garden as it doesn’t offer much contrast to the lawn. And it also is too wild looking for my liking.I am looking for something a pretty like an ornamental cherry blossom, but I need something I can keep less than 2.5 metres as it is a very small front garden and would be quite Close to the house. Preferably something I can buy relatively mature and plant now. I am in UK so it isn’t actually hot although late may.I love oriental trees, trees with weeping branches etc.Or a flowering shrub or large plant? I have seen a lot of lovely ones with pink flowers and lime/green leaves but I don’t know what they are called. They seem to be common in uk but I can’t find the one I am thinking of online. ThanksI either need a tree or a shrub which would be quite ‘full’ looking
PRUNUS ROYAL BURGUNDY Purple Leaved cherry from Chew Valley TreesChew Valley Trees,Winford Road, Chew Magna,Bristol BS40 8HJTelephone: 01275 333752Email: SALICIFOLIA “PENDULA”PENDULOUS WILLOWOther common name:WEEPING SILVER PEARPyrus are deciduous trees or shrubs with oval leaves and scented white flowers in spring, followed by green or brown fruits, edible in some species’Pendula’ is an elegant small deciduous tree with slender weeping branches, narrow greyish leaves and creamy-white flowers followed by small, brownish of WEEPING SILVER PEAR OR PENDULOUS

. Hi! the place to be asking this question is in your local garden centre. Spend some time walking round then asking a lot of questions, they are the people that they like, it is good business for them. A rose garden seems to fit your need, and there are so many varieties to choose from.. Pruning twice a year is all the attention that they need

Your best recourse would be to go to your local garden center and describe what you are looking for to them. Another resource, of course, is to search online for shrubs in the height and diameter you describe that is suitable for your growing area. You certainly don’t want to spend money, time and labor on plants that will die in a few weeks or months.

Hi I’m from the UK too, I think a rhododendron or an azalea would be nice they slow growing and they are oriental. I think rhododendron or azalea is the pink flowering lime/green leaf shrub you don’t know the name of. Hope this helps. P.s if you go for one of the shrubs they only like acid soil so you will need a bag or two of ericaceous compost.

I have a Japanese Red Maple. Palmatum Dissectum. 1 meter high about 2.5 meters wide, nice and red and exotic looking.


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