Hot For Teacher – Halen

Van Halen – Hot for Teacher + lyrics

Van Halen – Hot for Teacher Lyrics: Oh, wow, man, I said Wait a second, man What do you think the teacher’s gonna look like this year? Fuck man! Uh! Oh yeah!…

Downloadable sheet music: Hot For Teacher – Halen

Van Halen – Hot For Teacher [HD]

Van Halen – Hot For Teacher en alta definición.

What is the guitar tuning for Hot For Teacher by Van Halen? I am trying to learn how to play Hot For Teacher but I am having a hard time trying to figure out whether it’s in standard tuning or tuned a half step down

Downloadable sheet music: Hot For Teacher – Halen

Best bet is to get a recording of it, tune your guitar standard, and then try playing along with it (the little jazzy riff he breaks into with the talking and noise behind it would be a good place to try to match up).If it sounds like you are tuned too high, then try going 1/2 step down (which is where my guitar stays most of the time).The reality is, it doesn’t actually matter where you are tuned – the song is the same. The only time it might matter is if the person singing it needs it to be in a certain key.
It’s A440, standard tuning.
How would my band go about winning a battle of the bands? I am not a begginer performer, and I have played in battle of the bands before. We placed third, losing to two ska bands last year, but we beat all of the other bands in our genre. We are a heavy metal/80’s rock band. The songs we are doing are.Kissing the Shadows – Children of BodomHot For Teacher – Van HalenRock You Like a Hurricane – ScorpionsBark at the Moon – Ozzy OsbourneAlso, are these good choices?
yah!! i mean all genres are good it depends on the attitude man i tell you. its all about it. if you want to impress the judges there are things that you gonna do. play right, practice everyday and play clean, and if you going to perform don;t just stand there like stick you have to fell the music. most of judges is seeking that kind of playing, playing like your having fun, you know what i mean? play from the heart cause most bands i see is when their are playing they play like their only standing in the stage. man thats not good when you are watching that band imagine? and one more thing be creative eventhoug your playing covers. put some your bands flavor on it, dont be scared its ok be different. and im sure the judges will you.

first off.battle of the bands are usually a shady deal.they make all these promises and prizes for 1st place but if you dont make them enough money (meaning you dont bring out enough people) then you dont win shit.i was in a band that won two battles and all we got was a free bar tab.we were promised a spot to open for a huge local band and 10 hours of studio time.both times we were denied our prizes cause we bought less than a 100 people.we were pissed.however,thats in dallas,tx.maybe a few are legit.anyway, a couple of things to remember:one, is stage present.rock out like phucking rock stars on stage.take control of your energy and sell it to the crowd.they feed off of it.if you looked bored playing.then they will be bored listening.also,how you present yourself says alot.i know it sounds gay,but coordinate with everyone on what your wearing on stage.dress to your music.the only person allowed to wear shorts is the,maybe not so,.but make sure no one is wearing something completely oppisite of someone else.i once saw a band that everyone was gothed,hair,clothes,etc.except the bassist was wearing a hawaian shirt,cargo shorts and a gilligan was hideous.anyway, im sure you guys know when and how often to no worries there.but the most important thing is to promote,promote,promote.the more people cheering you on.the more the judges will a battle thats the most important thing in my experiance.good luck bro.i wish yalll all the luck.

What is the drumming term called for when you hit the drum so hard, it vibrates? For example, in Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher? You “stroke” the drum stick against the drum once, but it vibrates making it sound like you’ve hit it several times. there is a term for this, and I cannot seem to find it online.Thanks in advance for your help!
Ah yes that is either a ghost note or a buzz roll. buzz roll is were you hit the snare hard but hold the stick a lil loose so it makes it vibrate a bit more.
vibrato? idk
Actually that is called a drag. Ghost notes are very faint notes played on the snare. A drag is somewhat similar to a buzz roll, but not exactly the same.

What are some fun van halen songs to play on guitar please advise ASAP? Come on I learned hot for teacher and I like it now I need more but I’m not a VH fan so I got no clue where to start!
Play the bass.It is the superior instrument.Also, Van Halen’s lame. Get into some old school Sabbath.
Hot for teacher, and if ur pro, eruption
What song do you like to sing along with? I have a long drive to and from work and I was wondering, what are your favorite songs do you sing along with?My personal favorites are:Bohemian Rhapsody – QueenKiss – PrinceHot for Teacher – Van HalenBenny and Jets – Elton John
What’s the hardest song in Guitar Hero World Tour to play on drums? Some say Assassin, others say Dammit, or Hot for Teacher.What do you think?
Which rock song has a video in which there is a classroom full of maybe 8-10 year olds and a hot teacher? I cannot remember the name of this song, it is a rock song I think maybe Poison or ACDC but apparently it’s neither of them.The video starts out with the class of maybe 3-4th graders and a little into it the class goes all wild and I think the teacher dances on top of a desk? I dont remember and its killing me!! Please help.
It’s hot for a teacher from van halen; however, there is another song that relates to that called situations from escape the fate;) wait i dont know . let me check. *1 min. later* yeah the teacher’s hot but the students aren’t that young. sorry.
Van Halen. “Hot For Teacher”
It is “Hot For Teacher” by Van Halen. Factoid: David Lee Roth referred to the main kid in the video as “Waldo”.


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