Fanning (Hope And Validation)

Bernard Fanning – Down To The River

Music video by Bernard Fanning performing Down To The River. (C) 2013 Dew Process/Universal Music Australia.

Check out digitalized sheet music for Fanning (Hope And Validation)

Bernard Fanning – Wish You Well

Music video by Bernard Fanning performing Wish You Well. (C) 2013 Dew Process/Universal Music Australia.

Do you think the WWE succeeded in making the Cena & Rock fanboys fight and turn on each other? I won’t even call some of those people fans but fanboys instead. Some of them Cena/Rock fanboys are so passionate, and blinded that they seem to genuinely get upset when other people dislike their favorite wrestler.

Check out digitalized sheet music for Fanning (Hope And Validation)

Yes, especially when the build up was a whole freakin year. Plus, they really don’t care for each other. That helped the drama

They did for sure. The way The Rock has acted since he returned to the WWE has basically been a wet dream for that annoying 13-15 year old age group that hates John Cena so much it’s kind of weird. When you really sit back and think about, since coming back The Rock has pretty much called Cena a girl and made fun of his fan base. Even when he’s been funny (which he has been at times), that’s been his bread and butter. In all honesty, I think that has been done intentionally. Top stars like Cena and The Rock are given broad points the WWE wants them to cover (at least according to Mick Foley in his book) and then they go out and craft the promos themselves. The WWE knows all the.uh.”arguments” about why Cena “sucks”, and even they’re just complete crap (which they are) the WWE still knows that part of the crowd really does believe them. So they take one of the de facto gods of the “Attitude Era” (this mythical time when wrestling supposedly “didn’t suck”, if you believe the fanboys) and have been basically just say what those fans have been spouting off about for years now. As a result, the Cena-haters on the internet pretty much wet themselves out of excitement. To them, The Rock echoing their thoughts on live television is the ultimate validation. Then when you throw the internet into the mix, which instantly makes 14-year old boys buried behind an anonymous computer screen into tough guys, and the whole situation became an online powder-keg. I think the WWE did this because by this point, they’ve pretty much given up hope that Cena is going to universally popular among their fan base. So instead of trying to attain that, they’ve opted to maximize his worth to them. They know that a large portion of the audience loves Cena, and will pay to see him win. What they’ve also figured out is that a part of the crowd really doesn’t like Cena, but they’ll still pay to watch him, just to watch him lose. Some love him, some hate him, but virtually EVERYONE cares about him. To the WWE, John Cena is the best of both worlds, the ultimate face and the ultimate heel at the same time. No one else in the history of professional wrestling has been able to do that like him. The Rock was the perfect foil for Cena in that type of situation. The only problem is that it’s worked too well. Now we have forums like this one where there is just endless bickering from Cena-haters who sequel with glee when The Rock says “ladyparts” and the less mature Cena fans who just can’t seem to ignore them (which is, ironically, the EXACT thing Cena has been saying to do during this whole thing: “Rise above the hate”). So because the Cena-hating fanboys won’t stop and the Cena fans who can’t contain themselves just keep feeding them, and ALL of them are hidden behind computers and therefore don’t have to endure any accountability whatsoever, it creates an endless cycle, which is what we’re seeing now.Personally, I love Cena. He’s my favorite wrestler and I’ve always been entertained by him. I think that in the last year, especially earlier with CM Punk, he’s been handled brilliantly character wise. I’ve really loved the promos he’s given about how he’s just not concerned with the fans who are going to hate him; he cares about the ones that are already behind him. It’s been a cool message. I just wish more of his fans would pay attention to it in their haste to defend him.

How do i give credit to someone without copyrighting like on youtube ? how do i give credit to someone without copyrighting like on youtube cause I got an email saying i copyrighted
Although my answer is about music, it also applies to movies,TV shows, animes and games.I regret to inform you that any music which is not your creationand used as part of your video is indeed copyright infringement.Companies like UMG, Warner and Viacom not only “own” theirmusic, they also “own” the rights to them, which includes howand where the music can be publicly presented and performed.Thus they would be 100% within their rights to claim the musicin your video as their own — especially if you didn’t seek writtenpermission or licence to use it and “broadcast” it over YouTube.They could easily and legally force YouTube to take your video”off the air” (potentially banning you) for any number of reasons:1) If you used “their music”, it is considered part of the famoussentence “unauthorized duplication, whether in whole or in part,without the expressed written consent of.” Their fear wouldn’tjust be about you, but also other people who could conceivablydownload, copy or listen to that music without having bought it.2) You are potentially lessening the value of “their property” bypresenting and “broadcasting” it in a bad-quality, tiny 4×3-inch,poor-resolution, mono-sounding and possibly amateurish video.3) They may think your video makes “their property” look eitherbad, cheap or unappealing to someone who could otherwise beconsidering purchasing “their music”.4) They could also be thinking that anyone’s memory or mentalimage of “their music” could forever be “haunted” by images ofyour video or your YouTube channel if they feel it’s in bad taste.You may involuntarily be “defaming” the artist and/or the music.Even if you give credit on your video to the song, the music, theartist and/or the music label, that should never be construed asa validation, excuse or justification for you (and really YouTube)to “break the law”. You can always claim that your video is “forpersonal use only”, but the companies involved may ask of yousome interesting questions: A) why did you upload the video toYouTube, B) why did you “steal” the artist’s music, and C) howdid you acquire the music? (Even if you got it legally, that doesnot entitle you to use it “willy-nilly” like distributing it unlawfullyfor free, or pretending as though you are a commercial agent orrepresentative of the artist, no matter how much a fan you are.)As for the other people who may be uploading the same music,either YouTube will get to them eventually or somebody who isjealous will “flag” their video. If you’re willing to take the chanceand reupload your video with the same music, avoid writing thename of the song or the artist in either your title, description ortags. Also, don’t use sentences like “no copyright infringementintended”, “I do not own the song” or “I don’t take any credit forthis music”. YouTube’s computers search for phrases like that.You should also bear in mind that the music-recording industryis beginning to implement the use of inaudible “watermarks” or”fingerprints” hidden inside their music, in order to uncover andidentify their illicit use. As such, it’s conceivable that no matterhow many times you upload your video, it’ll always be rejectedbecause of copyright reasons. You’d thus probably have to finda different recording of the music you would want to use. If younoticed other videos using the same music, they were probablyuploaded before this new technology started coming into being.The only possible exception to everything I just wrote is for youto use music that is less than 30 seconds long. If you listen toany talk-show on radio or TV, they will never play or use musiclonger than 30 secs during a guest introduction or segué goinginto and out of commercials. Guess what the reason is.I hope my info has been helpful to you.


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