Razaf (Honeysuckle Rose)

Honeysuckle Rose – Fats Waller / Andy Razaf

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Digital music scores source: Razaf (Honeysuckle Rose)

Marty Sammon plays Honeysuckle Rose by Fats Waller

Marty Sammon plays the piano solo Honeysuckle Rose by Fats Waller and Andy Razaf.

Can someone suggest some upbeat jazz songs for the piano? I am getting bored on the piano, but I love playing jazz stuff. Can someone give a suggestions (preferably with a link so I can print off the music).

Digital music scores source: Razaf (Honeysuckle Rose)

I don’t know where to find these, but they are standard repertoire for jazz piano, so the shouldn’t be hard to find:Take the “A” Train by Billy StrayhornCherokee by Ray NobleHoneysuckle Rose by Andy Razaf/Fats WallerSatin Doll by Duke Ellington/Billy StrayhornMaybe try sheetmusicplus.com

what is all the names of the songs in teh movie the perfect man?
I Fall to Pieces”Written by Hank Cochran, Harlan HowardPerformed by Patsy ClineCourtesy of Geffen RecordsUnder license from Universal Music Enterprises”The Real Thing”Written by Sara Overall, Adam Watts, Andy DoddPerformed by Sara OverallCourtesy of Columbia RecordsBy Arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment”Make Room”Written by Teron Carter, Stacy Jones, Otto Price, Ric RobbinsPerformed by GritsCourtesy of Gotee RecordsUnder license from EMI Film & Television Music”We Could Be Falling in Love”Written by Thomas Hirschmann, Stuart HartPerformed by No Big FishCourtesy of Selectracks Music Services”If You Got What You Came For”Written by Beth Thornley, Rob CairnsPerformed by Beth ThornleyCourtesy of Position Music”Givin Up Givin Up”Written by Ray Gelato, Peter TomassoPerformed by Ray Gelato and His BandCourtesy of Double Scoop Records”Babe”Written by Dennis DeYoungPerformed by Dennis DeYoungCourtesy of Grand Illusion Music”Mr. Roboto”Written by Dennis DeYoungPerformed by Dennis DeYoungCourtesy of Grand Illusion Music”I Will Learn to Love Again”Written by Diane WarrenPerformed by KaciCourtesy of Curb Records”The Best of Times”Written by Dennis DeYoungPerformed by Dennis DeYoungCourtesy of Grand Illusion Music”Let It Go”Written by Jadon LavikPerformed by Jadon LavikCourtesy of Bec RecordingsUnder license from EMI Film & Television Music”Until It Happens to You”Written by Joe Lervold, Lisa AschmannPerformed by Joel EvansCourtesy of Cinemasters / Position Music”Honeysuckle Rose”Written by Fats Waller (as Thomas “Fats” Waller), Andy RazafPerformed by The Frank and Joe ShowCourtesy of Selectracks Music ServicesBy Arrangement with Venture Music, Inc.”The Girl I Dream About”Written by Bobby Caldwell, Henry MarxPerformed by Bobby CaldwellCourtesy of The Music Force Media Group LLC”Lady”Written by Dennis DeYoungCourtesy of Steptone Entertainment / Sound Choice”Collide”Written by Howie Day, Kevin GriffinPerformed by Howie DayCourtesy of Epic RecordsBy Arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment”Better Than This”Written by Bridget Benenate, Steve Booker, Matthew GerrardPerformed by Kimberley LockeCourtesy of Curb Records”Real Life Fairytale”Written by Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, Matthew BronleewePerformed by PlumbCourtesy of Curb Records

This page will give you the soundtrack listing for the Perfect Man (2005 release)imdb.com/title/tt0380623/soundtrackhope that helps!

I’m looking for sheet music: I’d Give a Dollar for a Dime” & You’re Luky To Me by Eubie Blake And also The Cactus Polka” (Jesusita En Chihuahua”.Thanks a million
Riverwalk, Live From The Landing pays tribute to legendary songsmith, Andy Razaf, who wrote the words to hundreds of songs including Honeysuckle Rose and Ain’t Misbehavin’. This special broadcast starring The Jim Cullum Jazz Band features Dick Hyman on piano, and spectacular vocal performances by Broadway star, Vernel Bagneris, and Australian vocalist, Nina Ferro. Andy Razaf’s creativity was prodigious, his life story riveting, and his music unforgettable! Andreamentania Paul Razafkeriefo was born in 1895 in Washington DC. But his story begins in Africa. Andrea’s father, Henri Razafkeriefo, a nobleman and warrior who was the nephew of the Queen of Madagascar, died in battle before Andrea was born. His grandfather, John Louis Waller (no relation to Fats) was a political activist and former Missouri slave who became American consul to the African country of Madagascar in the early 1890s. Andrea took his royal African ancestors as role models. Andrea began writing song lyrics as a young boy, and sold his first song at the age of 17 while working as an elevator operator in a Tin Pan Alley office building. Predictably, the young prince’s name was botched on his first published song, which prompted him to shorten his name to Andy Razaf. Inspired by jazz music during the early years of his career, Andy Razaf collaborated almost exclusively with the major black composers and musicians of the day including Fats Waller, James P. Johnson, and Eubie Blake. Proud of his African-American heritage, Andy Razaf was acutely aware of the racial conflicts in America. In his compelling racial protest song, Black and Blue, Razaf demonstrates his brilliant ability to tell his own story and the story of his people. Razaf encouraged black artists of the era to perform his songs, and many did. Jazz greats like Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ethel Waters featured Razaf songs throughout their careers. In 1972 at seventy-six years of age, Andy Razaf, the most notable and prolific black lyricist of twentieth century popular music, was finally recognized by his Tin Pan Alley peers in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The Performers: Left to Right: Rising Australian star, vocalist Nina Ferro performs the Waller/Razaf evergreen Honeysuckle Rose. The late trumpet legend Doc Cheatham left us a heart-warming vocal on Gee, Baby, Ain’t I Good To You?. Our good friend, pianist Dick Hyman, collaborates with our John Sheridan on a two-piano, four-handed rendition of Waller/Razaf’s My Fate Is In Your Hands and The Joint Is Jumpin’.Left to Right: Frequent Riverwalk guest Vernel Bagneris sings the well-known Waller/Razaf classics, Ain’t Misbehavin’ and Black and Blue. Swing legend Lionel Hampton stopped in for Memories of You, a Razaf collaboration with Eubie Blake. Joe Williams was in top form with another Blake/Razaf gem, I’d Give A Dollar For A Dime.Ain’t Misbehavin’No one to talk with, All by myself, No one to walk with, But I’m happy on the shelf Ain’t misbehavin’ . . . Saving my love for you! I know for certain, The one I love, I’m through with flirtin’, It’s just you I’m thinkin’ of Ain’t misbehavin’ . . . Saving my love for you! Like Jack Horner, In the corner, Don’t go nowhere, But what do I care? Your kisses . . . Are worth waitin’ for Believe me! Don’t stay out late, Don’t care to go! I’m home about eight, Just me an’ my radio! Ain’t misbehavin’ . . . Saving my love for you! Music by Thomas “Fats” Waller and Harry Brooks with lyrics by Andy Razaf, 1929. This song was introduced by Margaret Simms, Paul Bass, and Russell Wooding’s Hallelujah Singers in the 1929 Broadway musical Hot Chocolates. Shortly after the opening, Louis Armstrong joined the company and played the song on solo trumpet during the intermission. Fats Waller performed this song in the 1943 Hollywood movie musical Stormy Weather. It was also featured in the 1955 musical Gentlemen Marry Brunettes and again in 1955, as the title song in the musical Ain’t Misbehavin’. Here is the complete tune list for this show.——————————————————————————– Purchase CDs online:Fats Waller Nina Ferro Vernel Bagneris Dick Hyman Doc Cheatham Lionel Hampton Joe Williams Bobby Short: Guess Who’s In Town, the Songs of Andy Razaf Maxine Sullivan: A Tribute to Andy Razaf ——————————————————————————–Andy Razaf Bookshelf Black and Blue: The Life & Lyrics of Andy Razaf by Barry Singer On the Web:Hear Andy Razaf’s lyrics online, performed by Fats Waller: Ain’t Misbehavin’ Christopher Columbus Honeysuckle Rose ‘Sposin’ Sheet Music Covers online:Ain’t Misbehavin’ More Andy Razaf Lyrics:(What Did I Do To Be So) Black and Blue Honeysuckle Rose


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