Foghat – Honey Hush

Honey Hush – Foghat

From the Foghat album “Foghat Live”.

Download digital sheet music: Foghat – Honey Hush and play it off-line

Foghat ~?~ Honey Hush

What are your favourite songs by the following bands/artists? Blue Oyster CultFoghatKC & The Sunshine BandChristopher CrossMontgomery GentryAll these guys are playing @ The Gretna Heritage Fest next weekend

Download digital sheet music: Foghat – Honey Hush and play it off-line

Blue Oyster Cult-Don’t Fear the ReaperFoghat-NoneKC-Get Down TonightChristopher Cross-SailingMontgomery Gentry, I have never heard of him, lol

1] O.D.’d On Life Itself, 7 Screaming Diz-Busters, Dragon Lady, Eyes On Fire, Godzilla, R.U. Ready 2 Rock, This Ain’t the Summer of Love, Sinful Love, Astronomy, Subhuman, Career of Evil, Fallen Angel, Unknown Tongue, Lips In The Hills.2]Maybelline, Trouble Trouble, Sarah Lee. Gotta Get To Know You, Wild Cherry, Home In My Hand, Fly By Night, Honey Hush, Second Childhood, Wide Boy, Live Now-Pay Later, Love Zone,Ride Ride Ride, Road Fever, She’s Gone Couldn’t Make Her Stay, Eight Day’s On The Road, Rock And Roll Outlaw, Shirley Jean, Drivin’ Wheel, Burning The Midnight Oil, Hot Shot Love, I’ll Be Standing By3]Please Don’t Go, Boogie Shoes, Let’s Go Rock And Roll, Keep It Comin’ Love, Shake Your Booty, I’m Your Boogie Man, Shotgun ShuffleDo You Wanna Go Party, That’s The Way I Like It.4] I Really Don’t Know Anyone, Poor Shirley, The Light Is On, Sailing, Never Be The Same, Say You’ll Be Mine, Ride Like The Wind, Best That You Can Do, Think of Laura, 5] All Night Long with Charlie Daniels, Merry Christmas from Family, If You Ever Stop Loving Me, Some People Change and many many more. If you like Foghat check out Savoy when Lonesome Dave was with them.

BOCHot Rails To HellO.D.’d On Life ItselfCities On Flame With Rock And RollCareer Of EvilME 262FoghatRide Ride Ride8 Days On The RoadThird Time LuckyChateau Laffitte 59 BoogieDreamerKC & The Sunshine BandThat’s The Way (I Like It)Shake Your BootyI’m Your Boogie ManGet Down TonightGive It UpThat’s about the extent of it, lol.

Blue Oyster Cult – “Harvester of Eyes” from the cd Secret Treaties or “7 Screamin Dizbusters” from On Your Feet Or On Your Knees.Foghat – Drivin’ WheelKC & The Sunshine Band – Get Down TonightChristopher Cross – Ride Like The WindMontgomery Gentry – “Speed” or “My Town”

Blue Oyster Cult: ReaperFoghat: too many to listKC & The Sunshine Band: too many to listChristopher Cross: SailingMontgomery Gentry: never heard

Blue Oyster Cult Three favorites of theirs 1. Cities on flame with rock and roll 2. Godzilla 3. Shooting Shark ( written by patti smith)Foghat has three great ones 1. Fool for the city 2. From hero to zero 3.Slow ride Kc and the sunshine band was never a big band for me but I did enjoy them in concert a few years back.He got his fans into the show unlike a lot of older past musicians rarely do. 1. Boogie shoes 2. i’m your boogie man 3. get down tonight Christopher cross is strill great to listen and i cannot help but like these 1. Sailing 2. Arthur’s theme ( when you get caugh between the moon and New york city) 3. Ride like the wind 4. thinking of laurs ( laura’s theme) Montgomery Gentry- unfortunately I lost some of my fan appeal when Gentry was caught illeagaly tagging a bear he killed on one of those (should be banned hunting farms) 1. God knows who i am 2. my town 3. Speed

R&P: Do these Foghat and Aerosmith riffs not sound eerily similar? I busted out a Foghat vinyl today, being the first time I listened to it. I’m not a huge fan of them, but the very first song caught me off guard.I don’t know, you guys tell me if these sound similar.Honey Hush – Foghat (1974) Kept A Rollin – Aerosmith (1974) know Train Kept A Rollin has been covered by everybody from the Yardbirds, to Zeppelin, but don’t you think it is odd, that these songs came out the same year, and have similar riffs?MQ: Foghat or AerosmithMQ2: Better song of the two?BQ: What’s Up?
The riffs are a little similar. I can hear it kinda, just a coincidence i guess. It is kinda weird though.MQ: AerosmithMQ2: Train kept A Rollin, not big on Foghat.BQ: Summer school sucks.thought id come back by R&P and check out whats been going on. I haven’t been on in awhile.

well train kept a rollin’ is a cover anyways so.MQ:aerosmithMQ2:honey hushBQ:chickenbutt

yes they are very similarF O G H A Tbetter song of the two is Honey HushWhat’s up?: Just jammin’ out and drinking a few

They Played Train Kept A Rollin at the concert on sunday, it was AHHHMAZING.MQ: AEROSMITH! I love Joe Perry hahaMQ2: Train Kept a RollinBQ: getting ready to go to quiznos before volunteering, and begging my mom not to move to cleveland..again, I don’t want to go to a private school :(oh and begging my dad to take me to test drive cars!Have a great day!

They do, yes.I hadn’t noticed that before.MA: AerosmithMA2: “Train Kept a Rollin'”BA: Y’know.hoe-ing.of the nursing variety.;)

Favorite Foghat song?? (besides slow ride)? my all time favs arehome in my handstone bluehoney hushdrivin wheelthere song slowride is so over rated dont you guys think? they have so many better songs.
Stone Blue is one of my favorites as well – I love the whole album.”I Just Wanna Make Love To You” “Fool For The City””Slow Ride” was way overplayed on the radio and I agree with you about the overrating.

who did these song’s? “Honey Hush” + Wild cherry + Also Name The Album
what live album are these songs on & what year was it released? Fool for the City Home in My Hand I Just Want to Make Love to You Road Fever Honey Hush Slow Ride
The group is FOGHATThe album is simply called LIVEThis and dozens more of this groups recordings are avaliable at
Foghat Live – 1977
What are the best Foghat songs? like Slow Ride .
I Just Wanna Make Love To YouA Hole To Hide InStranger In My Home TownFool For The CityThird Time LuckyShirley JeanFeel So BadHoney HushMidnight MadnessSlipped, Tripped, Fell In LoveChateau Lafitte ’59 BoogieDrivin’ Wheeland Slow Ride is a gimme.

Fool for The CityDrivin’ WheelStone BlueHome in My HandSlow RideHighway (Killing Me)Nervous Release

“I Just Want to Make Love to You””Trouble Trouble” “Sara Lee” “Maybellene” “Ride, Ride, Ride””Home in My Hand””Fool for the City””Slow Ride” “Terraplane Blues” “Eight Days On the Road” “Rock and Roll Outlaw””Home in My Hand” “Stone Blue””Sweet Home Chicago” “Easy Money””Boogie Motel””Drivin’ Wheel”

Fool For The CitySlow Ride Third Time LuckyHome In My HandHoney HushI Just Wanna Make Love To YouSlip, Tripped, Fell In LoveStone BlueTrouble, TroubleWhat A ShameThat’s What Love Can DoStranger In My Home TownUbangi StompMy BabeLive Now, Pay LaterSomebody’s Been Sleeping In My Bed


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