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Mark Tremonti: MoPr TV Episode 2011

All credit to MoPar for the video:

How should I start playing guitar solos? I’ve been playing for about 2 years now. I play metallica type stuff. What are some good beginner solos or scales?

See and download Mark Tremonti: Home sheet music

Ive been playing for 2 years myself. Coheed and Cambrias Welcome Home, also Enter Sandman solo is easy. Here are some solos from a Guy named Mark Tremonti from the band Alter Bridge Some Might be too hard but i recommendations are Blackbird, Buried Alive Solos 1 and 2, and Ties That Bind. (They may sound hard but if you play and practice them slowly, piece by piece. You can play them easily and naturally and they are not hard to actually play slowly).

Though learning them by playing slowly and practicing will certainly work, I suggest a music class if you can’t afford lessons. My kid, talented as he is, and in a band for several yrs., playing mostly power chords, didn’t really start playing good solos until he had a teacher. Some people CAN do this by teaching themselves, but it takes longer.

What bands/genres do you listen to? when you are taking a break from your normal choice in music.Sometimes when I get bored of metal and hardcore I’ll listen to Prog rock like Mew and King Crimson, or I’ll just listen to acoustic bands like Rodrigo y Gabriela.BQ: What are your plans for the weekend?BQ2: Favorite soft drink?BQ3: Favorite wild animal?
I listen to blues/folkBQ : Crying over my miserable results which i will get tomorrowBBQ – CokeBBBQ – White Tiger

when i’m not listening to metal is listen to hard rock, progressive rock, southern rock, and classical.BA: go to my sister’s ballet performanceBA2: dr. pepperBA3: a rhino i guessso they removed you being a top contributor to?

Normally I like any type of Metal or Hardcore. When I take a break, I listen to ANYTHING. I like Punk, Ska, Psychobilly, Avant Garde Jazz, I could list stuff forever. =PBQ: No serious plans yet!BQ2: Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke! ^,..,^ BQ3: A wolf or bat, I suppose.Edit: lol @ the Attack Attack thing! That guitar flip thing @ :58 makes the earth tilt on it’s axis. It makes the stars align. It makes the sun rise. It makes soldiers put down their weapons and say “why do we even fight?”. lol

Neil Young. Love that man.BQ: Gotta go to work on Saturday but on Sunday I think I’m going to a wedding. Depends if I can get out of it or not.BQ2: Dr Pepper or 7UPBQ3: Manatees, especially baby penguins. sweet.

to get away i listen to classical. man im so cool. only cause i play it though :)BQ: fri-mon im getting wasted solid.BQ2: soft?apple juice do me fine.BQ3: shark, vicious creaturesuhh you?

RapPopBluesOr some stuff like Pink Floyd or Jimi Hendrix.BQ: Staying up ALLLLL night Monday through Friday. I’m outta school, so that’ll be my plans for a good while, lol.BQ2: Dr. Pepper and Coca~ColaBQ3: Wolf or a badger..Maybe a wolverine

I listen to classical music. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Haydn, Chopin.BQ:There is a May Day party in my school and I’ll stay in my friend’s house.BQ2:LemonadeBQ3:Lynx

My favourite non-rock/metal artists are Johnny Cash, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Bob Marley, Pink Anderson, Floyd Council, Micheal Jackson, Otis Redding, Public Enemy, Tupac, Johannes Brahms, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I’m trying to get into a lot of other genres.BQ: Sleep. I desperately need sleep.BQ2: SpriteBQ3: Walruses :3

I’ve got a pretty wide taste in music. Sometimes I’ll listen to oldies rock to change things up a little.BQ: cookout with familyBQ2: Diet PepsiBQ3: Grizzley bear

When I want to take a break from my normal genres, I will listen to Classical music, Rap, Country, anything to be honest. I like Classical music, my favorite composer is “Johann Pachelbel” have to work for most of the weekend :(. Life sucks when you get into your 20s. Enjoy your teens while you still can.BQ2:Fanta OrangeBQ3:Chimpanzee

I usually listen to grunge, indie rock, celtic punk, psychobilly, hardcore punk, psychedelic rock, horror punk, punk rock, pop-punk, heavy metal, shoegazing, ska, hip-hop, neo-psychedelia, “classic rock”, thrash metal, “alternative”, sludge metal, metalcore, reggae, soul, post-hardcore, pop, folk, etc. Since I like a variety of music, and normally just listen to what I want to, I can’t think of a time whenever I’ve listened to anything out of the ordinary for me. Usually, if I’m listening to it, I like it. If I like it, then I’ll listen to it without hesitation, whenever I want.BA: Hopefully I’ll get to see my boyfriend. If not, then I don’t know.BA2: I’d rather drink water , but if I’m in the mood or have to drink soda, I prefer Coke out of the can or fountain. And if I’m wanting something caffeine free, then orange soda.BA3: Hmm. Koalas, I guess? Ha.

Pop Punk (Zebrahead and Sum 41’s first album pretty much), Alternative Rock, Black Metal and Hardcore BQ: See a good friend and play Mortal Kombat! BQ2: Maybe Dr Pepper BQ3: TIGER

Indie, Ska, Progressive Metal and Punk, if I’m totally bored of rock I’ll probably listen to some sort of electroBQ: Revision for upcoming examsBQ2: Red LemonadeBQ3: Snakes

Hello there,I listen to surf mostly because that is what I primarily play now. I listen to vintage surf rock to decide whether I want to add the song to those I play. I also just enjoy listening to some surf guitarists play.However, I do listen to other music. Not sure I would call it so much of a break from my normal choice in music. I listen to some old acid rock (which I used to play). I listen to Jimi Hendrix. I listen to SRV. I listen to Joe Satriani. I listen to Paul Gilbert. I listen to Michael Angel Batio and Mark Tremonti. I listen to some classic guitarists, like Andres Sevoga. Sometimes I will listen to flamenco guitar. So while the genre may change, I listen to anything that has great guitar work. That transcends genre for me. I just love the sound a great guitar playing, no matter what style.BQ? None. I am at home caring for a gravely ill father and never can leave the house.BQ2? Coke. Has been since I was a kid in the 1950s. I drank a Pepsi once, never will forget that experience.BQ3? I like deer. They are smart crafty and fascinating creatures. Yet despite how smart and careful they are, come time for the rut, the sex drive overwhelms their good senses and leads them to do crazy things. Sort of like young adult male people!Later,

I listen to thrash metal and classic rock primarily, I also listen to heavy metal, punk, and old school/ underground hip hop

I listen to Alternative music like Toby Mac, Jars Of Clay , Switchfoot, and Life house Check them out!1I have no plans really for the weekend.did my out of town experience last weekend to beat the crowds LOL’2: Wild Cherry Pepsi 3: Bear Peace!!

Post-metal nice and relaxing from all the grindcoreBQ: relax, watch some x-filesBQ2: SunkistBQ3: Bearded Dragons

Outside of Metal I listen to lots of Abney Park, they’re probably my favorite “non-metal” band.Yeah, I know that such a stereotypical metalhead thing to say.but it’s true.Along with them, I listen to techno and electronica like Angelspit, I:Scintilla, Spectrum-X.I also listen to some favorites of my childhood: Roy Orbison and Queen mostly.BA: Gaming.BA: Mt. DewBA: Tree FrogHe looks so happy. :

I predominately listen to metal, punk, hard rock, but when I’m in the mood for something different, I might listen to The Doors, The Eagles, or some soundtrack stuff (absolutely love John Williams, especially for his Jurassic Park score). Plans? I’m not sure yet, but I might head up to the mountains.Soft drinks? I’m not even sure what that is. Is it specifically soda or is it just any non-alcoholic drink? Anyway, I like when you go out and get a fountain soda (cola) and it’s ice cold and well-carbonated. Wild Animal? That’s tough. I dig crocodiles, cassowaries, hawks, tortoises.Oh, hey, if you dig prog, check out UK. They had very poppy elements but still maintained their proginess.


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