Home (Garza)

Bo Garza – I’m Home

Bo Garza live at Las Palmas Downs – I’m Home.

Home (Garza) sheet music is available online.

Anniston Real Estate Home for Sale. $49,000 3bd/1ba. – Richard Garza of ERAKing.com

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fantasy baseball. which pitcher should i start over the other? AJ BURNETT or MATT GARZA, id normally start burnett, but the yanks got owned yesterday, so im not sure. thanks.

Home (Garza) sheet music is available online.

Who here agrees that the Rays win was a fluke? One three run home run gave them the damn win. Damn Matt Joyce. Damn Rafael Soriano. Damn Carlos Pena for robbing Posada of a hit. Damn Wade Davis. Damn Matt Garza for throwing a no hitter. Damn them all. It was a big time fluke.
The Rays are no fluke son, they beat the Yankees. The Yankees still have a chance at redemption. But the Rays played better tonight, Davis was the better pitcher. The Yankees are a good team, but the Rays proved that they can hang with the big boys too 🙂

as a red sox fan, i dont know if i want to beleive it is a fluke or not. i dont like the yankees, but i dont like the rays either.

Even as a Yankees fan, this win was not a fluke, Davis had 1 bad inning and good the rest of the game, Hughes had one bad inning that fucked everything up, but it happens, anyways Berkman will make his Yankees debut tomorrow and it couldn’t have come sooner, but it will be a tough game for the Yankees because they will see Garza and Vazquez is pitching, but I do see the Yankees winning tomorrow and the series like they did in Tampa earlier this year.

baseball is just like that. any team can kick any other teams ass on any night. baseball is an unpredictable sport.

Maybe I’m the only one who takes notice of this, but Hughes at times reminds of AJ Burnett. I know that sounds crazy, but Hughes has had a bunch of starts this year where he seems to pitch really well for the first 4 innings or 5 innings then all of a sudden he seems to always give up a big blow like 3 run homer. If you look at the homers Hughes has given up this year, a lot of them are not solo shots. They are 2 and 3 run homers. That’s an issue he is going to have to clean up, because in close games those are detrimental.


they have the second best record in baseball and they beat the best team in baseball at the moment pretty sure the win was not a fluke

Will the Twins be able to keep Johan Santana? No doubt he will cost the orginazation a lot, maybe too much. However, according to him he wants “to be a twin forever”. Will the twins be able to afford him or will they look to their yound talent, Lariano and Garza to pick up where he left off?Having a new ballpark built is a good thing for a player looking for more money, it means more revinue for the team which equals more for him, that that wouldnt be horriable.Am I an idiot? no but the twins are not a high market team and probably wont be able to afford him unless his heart keeps him in minnesota
He is worth every penny if the twins let him go they will loose a lot of fans, so its not worth it. PLus he wins games.

No hell be overwhelmed by an offer that the twins wont be able to match and garza is a good pitcher but as for Liriano it is difficult to come back from Tommy John surgery

Why not best picture in the league what can we say he is young talented friendly aggresive and throws KKKKKKKK’s.

As a Twins fan, I always think about this question. When Santana’s contract expires, what then?The Twins are a small market team as we all know and can barely afford any of those great free agents out there.I’ve read what Johan said a couple years ago that he wants to be a Twins forever, and I and every other fan will hold him to his words. He is to the Twins as Brett Favre is to Packers. They both love there team, the game, and want to be there forever.Somehow, someway, the Twins will get him, and Santana will retire in a Twins jersey. If for some reason Santana ends up leaving Minnesota, I would wish him the best of luck.Here is what I think of Johan Cytana.”Johan Santana, from Venezuela, to Minnesota, to Cy Young, to Home. This is your home Santana, and this is where your loved to most.”Closed quote – “Chiharo Samakinzu” (aka Choro-Kun)

no. the twins make the second lowest amount of money in the league (devil rays are last) ,they are building a new stadium and have a bunch of other players who will be up for free agency this year or next. unless the owner wants to loose even more money santana will go to one of the higher market teams. him saying he wants to be a twin forever doesn’t always make it so. johnny damon said he wanted to stay in boston and that if he ever left he would never sign with the yankees, that didn’t seem to hold true though. if they’re smart they’ll trade him before he becomes a free agent. at least they can get something for him that way, especially given the current market for starting pitchers.

What were highlights of the world series last night? I know it rained and it didn’t start until after 10. I know the Phillies won. But, who did an outstanding job? Do you think the Phillies will win the World Series?
Jamie Moyer pitched good but the umpire gave him every call. Garza did pretty good too but not as well as moyer i think garza had 7 strikeouts.Chase Utley and Ryan Howard hit back-to-back homeruns. Carlos Ruiz hit a solo homerun. Gabe Gross of the Rays had 2 RBI’s. Upton got an infield single. Stole second, stole third and ruiz the catcher threw it and it hit bj uptons shoe and went into foul territory and he came in to tie the score at 4-4. Bottom 9 which was hard to watch for me, Eric Bruntlett pinch hit and he got hit by a pitch. Then Shane Victorino was at bat and trying to bunt but Grant Balfour threw the ball at his feet and it went to the backstop but bounced back immediately to the catch dioner and he threw it to second because eric bruntlett was going to second but it was a bad throw and went into the outfield and then he went to third. So there no outs with a runner on third so the Rays intentionally walk the next two batters to load the bases to have a force at home plate. Carlos Ruiz is up and he hits a little swinging bunt down to third and the ball probably would have rolled foul but you cant take that risk in this situaion so evan longoria quickly barehanded it and underhand tossed it to the catcher and it went way over his head and the phillies won on a walkoff 5-4

Pjillies will win for sure. Back to back home runs by Utley and Howard was one highlight. Read about the game on the link in the source


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