J. Jonas – Jonas Brothers: Hold On

Jonas Brothers HOLD ON Live *Killer Nick J Butt shots!!*

Jobros live at Philips Arena Atlanta, GA 8.22.09 Nick looked so cute in his little blue jeans. I dont know why, I kept filming a little downward for some rea…

Online source: J. Jonas – Jonas Brothers: Hold On sheet music

Jonas Brothers-Hold On-Versão Sing-Along

The clip Hold On of Jonas Brothers version Sing Along.Make Comments. O clip Hold On dos Jonas Brothers na versão Sing Along.Comentem. El clip Hold On de Jona…

What is a cute Jonas brothers picture/quote or anything funny? Me & my friend are writing on eachothers myspaces everday something abotut he jonas brothers until the concert comes up but i cant think of anything funny or cute to put.. yesterday she put the lyrics to single ladies and replaces them with “joe is a single lady”

Online source: J. Jonas – Jonas Brothers: Hold On sheet music

“Live like you’re at the top even if you are at the bottom”-Nick Jonas!!You are so lucky i tried so hard to get tickets but couldn’t!! 😦

“I’m mufasa, king of the land, I will come smack you with the back of my hand.”-Joe”I can smell Starbucks!”-Kevin“If you can see us just write applesauce”-Joe“We definitely have a strong family base and it’s important to us and everything we do”-Nick”Live like you are at the bottom, even when you are at the top.”-Nick”I consider “love” to be more then just a word.”- Nick “When life throws you lemons throw them back”-JoeJoe: Watch me do a flip. (flips over on a couch falls on floor) Joe:Oh crap.Nick: “My pick up line is: Slow down sugar, cause I’m a diabetic!”Joe – “I want to record a song with Michael Jackson.but I want a wall between usHope I helped. 🙂

Kevin-“oh, God, Joe, Danger!””Hollister–there’s a lot of smells coming out of that place”Joe-“i wish i could shoot bacon out of my eyes.”Wait, wait. They started with just regular pancakes, now they’re chocolate chip, I think. Where are you going with this man?” – Kevin”My name is Mufasa, I’m the King of the land. I’ll come smack you with the back of my hand!” – KevinBang, Bang, Bang shoot you wit my CHAIN dontcha flush it down tha drain cuz NICK J. is back AGAIN! -NickJoe:oh my gosh emily are you alive?(joe asks screaming fan on radio, who keeps on screaming) Aah! I think she’s getting attacked by a cougarKevin: Nicholas got attacked once by about 30 screaming girls.Nick-“don’t touch my muscles”Joe-(after getting his driver’s license) “now everybody has to stay off the roads!”Joe- “Kevin has a Starbucks meter in his head. We’ll be on the road and he’ll be like “two miles-Starbucks!” its like he can smell it.”Nick-(About Kevin’s obsession with Starbucks) We were in a mall one time and it was on the other side of the mall, and he goes, “I can smell Starbucks,” and just starts running to it.Kevin-“You’ll be looking at magazines at an airport and you’ll see a girl like, holding up a magazine and your face is like on the page and you’re like, ‘Okay I’m just walking away now.’ It’s a little strange. Kevin-I’ve fallen off stage before. I didn’t get hurt, but I jumped back on stage and acted like I was supposed to fall.

How do I hold multiple notes on the guitar like the following piece? ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/j/jonas_brothers/6_minutes_tab.htm
how many songs did jonas brothers have? how many songs do the jonas brothers have?
I counted 69.But some of them are from nick.Crazy Kinda Crush on YouWhat I Go To School ForDon’t Tell AnyoneTime For Me To FlyYear 3000One Day At a TimeSix MinutesMandyHey We’re Gonna Be AlrightJust Don’t Know ItI Am What I AmUnderdog7:05Please Be MineS.O.SHold OnGoodnight and GoodbyeThat’s Just the Way We RollHello BeautifulStill in Love With YouAustraliaGamesWhen You Look Me in the EyesInseparableJust FriendsHollywoodKids of the FutureTake a BreatheWe Got The Party With UsGirl of My DreamsI Wan’na Be Like YouPoor Unfortunate SoulsA Pirate’s Life for MeNick J is Off the Chain (more of a rap)Unreleased:Move onYou Don’t Even KnowDear GodDon’t Tell AnyoneDon’t Walk Away Girl of My DreamsHello GoodbyeHey, We’re Gonna Be AlrightHigher Love I Want a Hippopotamus for ChristmasI Will Be the Light I’m Gonna Getcha Good!Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)Joyful KingsKung-fu Grip Live to PartyMove OnNick J is Off Da ChainOn The Line Take On Me We RockWon’t Let You Go Wrong AgainYou’re So Far Away+ thier new album.

What are all of the Jonas Brother’s Songs? I really wanted to know all of the jonas brother songs. they can be from any albums. and it doesn’t have to be just them it can be a duet or sumthing. thanks.
I personally like A-Z Lyrics ’cause they give you each album with the songs & lyrics:azlyrics.com/j/jonasbrothers.html

Burnin upTonightYear 3000When you look me in the eyesS.O.S.Lovebug6 minutes7:05a little bit longeraustraliai wanna be like youpoor unfourtunate soulstime for me to flywhat i go to school forwe got the partycrazy kinda crush on yougames appreciateeternityhey were gonna be alrighti am what i ambaby bottle popjoy to the worldhollywood hold onjoyful kings

1 6 Minutes 3 7:054 A Christmas Prayer (Joy To The World)5 A Little Bit Longer7 A Pirates Life For Me 9 American Dragon 10 Appreciate 11 Australia 12 Baby Bottle Bop 13 Bb Good 15 Burnin’ Up 19 Can’t Have You 20 Crank Dat Jonas Boy 21 Crazy Kind Of Crush On You 23 Dear God 24 Dedicated To Sabrina 26 Don’t Tell Anyone 27 Don’t Walk Away 28 Eternity 29 Games 30 Girl Of My Dreams 31 Gonna Getcha Good 32 Goodnight And Goodbye 33 Got Me Going Crazy 35 Hello Beautiful 36 Hello Goodbye 37 Hey Little Brother 38 Hey, we’re Gonna Be Alright 39 Higher Love 40 Hold On 41 Hollywood 42 I Am What I Am 43 I Gotta Find You 44 I Wan’na Be Like You 45 I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas 46 I Will Be The Light 47 Inseparable 48 Joe Jonas Rap 49 Joy To The World 50 Joyful Kings 51 Just Friends 52 Kids of the Future 53 Kung Fu Grip 54 Let Me Down 55 Letting You Down 56 Live To Party 57 Look Away 59 Love Bug 62 Mandy 63 Move On 64 Nick J Is Off The Chain 65 On The Line66 One Day At A Time 67 One Man Show 68 Out Of This World 69 Play My Music 70 Please Be Mine 71 Poor Unfortunate Souls 73 Pushing Me Away 74 Right Next To You 75 S.o.s. 76 Shelf 77 Sorry 78 Soulja Boy- The Jonas Brothers Remake 81 Still In Love With 82 Take A Breath 84 Take On Me 85 Thats Just The Way We Roll 86 This Is Me 88 This Is Who I Am 89 Time For Me to Fly 90 Tonight 91 Underdog 92 Video Girl 93 We Got The Party With Us 94 We Rock 95 We’re Gone 96 What I Go To School For 97 When I Look Into Your Eyes 98 When You Look Me In The Eyes 99 Won’t Let You Go 100 Wrong Again 101 Year 3000 102 Yo Ho 103 Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me) 104 You Don’t Even Know 105 You Just Don’t Know It


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