Percy Mayfield: Hit The Road Jack

Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles and Percy Mayfield – The One And Only

awesome music.

Download and print Percy Mayfield: Hit The Road Jack sheet score

Hit the Road Jack Lyrics by Ray Charles

I DO NOT own the rights of the music of the video. «Hit the Road Jack» es una canción escrita por el artista de R&B Percy Mayfield, grabada por el pianista R…

What is this song called? it was in a martin lawrence movie? It was in th emovie were he stole a ring in Boston or whatever and the song goes hit the road jack and dont you come back no more(man says) everytime i come around i get shot down??

Download and print Percy Mayfield: Hit The Road Jack sheet score

“Hit The Road Jo”Performed by Jo Doja featuring Shawn Chappelle( Based on the composition “Hit The Road Jack” written by Percy Mayfield, Joe Day, Adolphus L. Maples III and Bill McGee)

What’s your favorite oldie song? I love Hit The Road Jack by Ray Charles and Percy Mayfield :DIt’s from 1961, even my mother wasn’t born then, but it’s probably my favorite song ever. < Link to it.
Care of Cell 44 by The Zombies. Listen, it’s amazingly good!Also, all the Beatles songs are love at first sight. or listen. =]
Hello It’s Me – Todd Rundgren
any song by eric clapton and his many bands, hotel california, house of the rising sun (its really amazing)

“Georgia on my mind”. – Ray Charles Tutti Fruiti — Little Richard Chantilly Lace – Big Bopper. “oh baby you know I ain’t got no money” . “well alright, okay”, . “you know what I like”

“Stand by Me” by Ben E. King. also from the same movie. It’s a wonderful song and holds a special place in my heart.

I dont think 60s is oldie music.bascially the 60s and 70s is the only music i like.i do like some really OLD songs.such

I lovea song by Chuck Berry´´Ridin´ along in my automobile´´ is even from the old vinyl record..:))

Have you heard of the soulful 50’s singer Percy Mayfield. What are your favorite songs of his.? He was the writer and performer of “Hit The Road Jack” which was later covered famously by Ray
Hit the road jack for piano, help! Fast!? I want to do hit the road jack on piano for a show and sign up sheets were put of today..I want to do this badly! I don’t have it all yet though, the song, I just need help putting the left and right handed parts together. any
Exactly the reason we obey copyright laws.Percy Mayfield wrote the tune, Ray Charles performed it . something completely lost in your pirated “sheets”. and you should ask in Jazz.

Who does “Hit the road Jack” belong? I mean who composed it at the very first time? I remember it was a Ray Charles’ song but i’m not sure.
This was written by Ray’s good friend Percy Mayfield, an R&B singer who was badly disfigured in a car accident soon after he started performing. Mayfield cut back his touring and made his mark as a prolific songwriter, with many of his compositions performed by Charles.

Good Road Trip Songs? Please tell me your favorite road trip song(s) that is upbeat and will keep you in good spirits on a 6 hour road trip! 10 points for the best answer. 🙂
Born to be wild-SteppenwolfKing of the road-Roger millerRunning on empty-Jackson browneHit the road jack-Percy MayfieldCrusin’-smokey robinsonLife is a highway-Rascal FlattsI get around-beach boyssweet hitchhiker-Creedence Clearwater revivalRamblin man-Allman brothersI wanna rock and role all night-KISS409″ Beach Boys 1963 “No Particular Place to Go” Chuck Berry 1964 “Born to Be Wild” Steppenwolf 1968 “Crosstown Traffic” Jimi Hendrix 1968 “American Pie” Don McLean 1972 “Born to Run” Bruce Springsteen 1975 “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” Meatloaf 1977 “Highway to Hell” AC/DC 1979 “On the Road Again” Willie Nelson 1980 “I Can’t Drive 55” Sammy Hagar 1984 “Maybellene” Chuck Berry 1955 “40 Miles of Bad Road” Duane Eddy 1959 “Hit the Road, Jack” Ray Charles 1960 “Wheels” String Alongs 1961 “Stick Shift” The Duals 1961 “The Wanderer” Dion 1962 “Ramblin’ Rose” Nat King Cole 1962 “Route 66” Nat King Cole 1962 “Detroit City” Bobby Bare 1962 “500 Miles” Bobby Bare 1962 “Let’s Go Trippin'” Dick Dale 1962 “Little Deuce Coupe” Beach Boys 1963 “Six Days on the Road” Dave Dudley 1963 “Dead Man’s Curve” Jan and Dean 1964 “Little GTO” Ronny and the Daytonas 1964 “Little Honda” The Hondells 1964 “King of the Road” Roger Miller 1965 “Mustang Sally” Wilson Pickett 1966 “America” Simon and Garfunkel 1968 “I Can See for Miles” The Who 1968 “Crossroads” Cream 1969 “Hitchin’ a Ride” Vanity Fair 1970 “Roadhouse Blues” Doors 1970 “Truckin'” Grateful Dead 1970 “Goin Up Around the Bend” Creedence Clearwater Revival 1970 “Country Roads (Take Me Home)” John Denver 1971 “Take It Easy” The Eagles 1972 “Ventura Highway” America 1972 “Hot Rod Lincoln” Commander Cody 1973 “Ramblin’ Man” Allman Brothers 1973 “Keep on Truckin'” Eddie Kendricks 1973 “Carefree Highway” Gordon Lightfoot 1974 “Convoy” C.W. McCall 1976 “Life in the Fast Lane” Eagles 1976 “Barracuda” Heart 1977 “Cars” Gary Numan 1979 “Drivin’ My Life Away” Eddie Rabbit 1980 “Cruisin'” Smokey Robinson 1981 “Drive” Cars 1984 “Pink Cadillac” Bruce Springsteen 1984 Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik-OutkastLet me ride-Dr.Drethe colour of spring- Mark hollistaking to long-WipersHope this helps you

Buy the soundtracks to Elizabethtown, that movie had some amazing music that went well with my road trip. You will dig it.

When did Ray Charles write Hit the Road Jack?
Ray Charles sang “Hit The Road Jack” in 1961. But he didn’t write the song. It was written by Percy Mayfield.

Actually, Ray Charles did not write “Hit the Road Jack”. Percy Mayfield wrote this song in the early sixties and gave it to Ray Charles. on a sidenote: If you watch the movie “Ray”.the scene where Jamie Foxx is in a room messing around on a Fender Rhodes.the script actually mentions Percy before he starts to play the tune. Something like “Come on, let’s get to work ..Percy just sent me some music” etc.


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