High Times (Currie)

Currie High School, Guys and Dolls, 2012, Act 1 Scenes 1 to 4, Monday

Great quality taken from the front on Monday night. Good for taking snapshots/photos from.

You can download the score from the video: High Times (Currie)

Currie High School, Guys and Dolls, 2012, Act 1, Scene 3.

Better quality.

Can an electric motor take different voltages? I am interested in buying an electric bike that has 2 batteries that opperate at 12v @ 10 amp hours. They are designed to work together to deliver 24v to a 450 watt (peak) motor at the front wheel. Unfortunately these are heavy SLA batteries, and I would like to replace them with state of the art Nanophosphate Litihium Ion batteries.Now the kicker: I can only find 36v versions for use in DeWalt power tools (though they are very energy dense).So what I am wondering is if I can buy 2 / 4 of these and wire them to deliver no more than 36v continuous to the 24v motor and will it improve performance or just burn up the components.Also as an added question, if it is not possible to run 36 volts directly is there a controller that could accomplish this.Thanks!The motor is from Currie Technologies, specialists in electric bikes.I should add that the motor is DC as will be the current delivered to it.

You can download the score from the video: High Times (Currie)

Assuming this is a DC motor, you need to exercise care in what you do. Energy density involves the amp-hours delivered at the voltage.You can, in theory, design some-type of series parallel circuit to deliver 48 watts to the engine. You can also put in some type of circuit breaker to prevent an amperage overload. Since an electric bike can be an expensive item, why don’t you check with the motor manufacturer?

Just replacing the 24V pair of batteries with a 36V group will very likely cause something to fail. It is possible that a controller could be designed to allow a 36V group of batteries to work with the motor, but it isn’t something that you are likely to be able to easily find and mate up to the existing motor.Additional information:If you get a 36V PWM controller and set the current limit to the maximum continuous rating of the motor, that might keep you out of trouble. If the motor has a higher short-time current rating that you want to utilize, that might be difficult to set up.Look at: dartcontrols.com/More additional information:It looks to me like Currie Technologies offers some models with a 3X12V 36V battery package, 36V controller and 450W motor.

How come the ITM final had next to nothing spectatours attend the match? At last weeks Currie Cup final we saw the tickets being sold out only minutes after they went on sale. But in complete contrast, the ITM Cup final hardly drew any spectators. Now as an South African, I tend to spent my hard earned cash on tickets to attend cricket and rugby matches as those 2 sporting codes are our main past times.I would love to know what New Zealands past times are, because it sure as hell aint anything to do with sport.
The final was held in Christchurch (since Canterbury finished higher up the ladder than Waikato).As you have surely heard, Christchurch has had a hellish last two months with the earthquake that hit at the beginning of September, and countless aftershocks since that point. As a result of the earthquake, many Canterbury locals probably can’t afford to attend the rugby, with the costs of rebuilding their lives at the moment.And the continual aftershocks are probably making outsiders visit Christchurch at the moment. If the final had been held elsewhere, the crowd at the ITM Cup final most likely would have been larger.

sept 4th. christchurch was hit by a massive earthquake , they now average 50 aftershocks a day between 4-5 on the richter scale , 160,000 homes are wrecked , do i have to go on

What is one problem that you have that you want someone to invent a solution for? Me and my friend are doing a project for an engineering class and need ideasAlso if there is an invention you want to see be improved throw that out there as well We are in high school so we cant invent a new car or cure of cancer, AIDS or anything like that
-Prothestic legs connected to peoples nerves, so people don’t have to suffer years in therapy classes.-solar panel that works on the smallest LED battery that will last a long timeOn my project I’ am going to make an currie-effect effect that will cause metals to move with just the use of heat from a tea candle.check out currie-effect its really fun 🙂

What are some debates about senator Joseph McCarthy? I have been looking for an official debate in US History on this topic, with no luck. I need it for school. If you know any debates please answer and let me know.
M. Stanton Evans, journalism professor and board member of the American Conservative Union, has transformed history for the most reviled American in modern U.S. history, Sen. Joseph McCarthy.Evans’ 663-page work, “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies”, is the result of six years of reading primary sources. Evans proves that almost everything about McCarthy in current history books is a lie and will have to be revised. McCarthy understood, long before Reagan, that the Soviet Union was an evil empire, one of whose strategies was to infiltrate agents into our government in order to guide our policy to favor Communist goals. In fact, our government was much more infested with Soviet agents than McCarthy imagined.It’s now well known that Communist agents imbedded in high-ranking positions included White House confidant Lauchlin Currie, State Department official Alger Hiss and Treasury Department official Harry Dexter White. Evans quotes FBI files identifying atom bomb scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer as a secret Communist as early as 1942.Taking on the anti-communist mission locked McCarthy in mortal combat against powerful forces: two U.S. presidents, the vast federal bureaucracy, malicious adversaries in Congress, left-wing lobby groups and the left-wing media who made him their daily target.McCarthy was concerned only with Communist security risks who influenced U.S. policies. He never targeted Communists in Hollywood or academia.One of McCarthy’s early investigations exposed the gang of Communist agents embedded in our government whose mission it was to change U.S. policy to abandon our wartime ally Chiang Kai-shek and turn China over to the Communists. Owen Lattimore was the point man for articulating the Communist line, and the magazine Amerasia was the communications outlet for an interlocking network of soviet agents.Evans describes how McCarthy deserves the credit for exposing the Amerasia scandal. Evans publishes for the first time McCarthy’s lists of security risks employed by the State Department, proving that his charges were amply supported by FBI files.Recent unrelated political controversies have shown that the cover-up is often worse than the crime, and the cover-up was McCarthy’s prime target. He fought the federal bureaucrats who tolerated and even encouraged the widespread infiltration of our government by Communists whose first loyalty was to Russia.The administration of President Harry S. Truman and the Democrats in Congress engaged in a massive cover-up, circling the wagons with their media friends. Their game plan was to deny the problem, evade political responsibility for tolerating security risks in government, and kill the messenger.Evans’ book proves that there was not a single innocent victim of McCarthy’s investigations. The Senate committee transcripts prove that he was patient with witnesses, and never allowed anyone to be named a Communist or subversive unless he was given the chance to respond directly.Joe McCarthy himself is probably the most investigated man in U.S. history, far more investigated than the Communist agents. Much of his energy had to be spent in defending himself against vindictive investigations initiated by the Democrats.McCarthy’s career came to an end after he was censured by the Senate, but 45 out of the 46 charges had to be dismissed as baseless. He was censured only for failing to pay proper deference to the committees that were maliciously bent on destroying him.Everyone who henceforth writes about McCarthy will have to check his facts with Evans’ documented discoveries.


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