I. Heap: Imogen Heap: Hide And Seek

hide and seek- Imogen Heap

where are we? what the hell is going on? the dust has only just begun to form crop circles in the carpet sinking feeling spin me round again and rub my eyes,…

Digital music scores source: I. Heap: Imogen Heap: Hide And Seek

Imogen Heap “Hide and Seek” live on Indie 103

Buy it at iTunes: bit.ly/bcciDy Amazon: bit.ly/6MXztv Imogen Heap “Hide and Seek” live on Indie 103. THE LAST KISS Hosted by Zach Braff. From T…

What are some pretty acapella songs to sing in a chamber choir? I’m trying to find a good song for our chamber choir next year. I want a more contemporary song, preferably songs that aren’t that common, like hallelujah or seasons of love. Any pretty songs are good though. I want songs like may it be by enya, or hide and seek by imogen heap, or love you by the free design.It has to be SATB.

Digital music scores source: I. Heap: Imogen Heap: Hide And Seek

John Rutter, Eric whitacre, the swingles singers, kings singers, and real group arrangments are your beat friends! 🙂

How about something by Karl Jenkins? His choral works (Armed Man, Requiem, Stabat Mater, Gloria, Te Deum) are really wonderful, and exactly for SATB choir.

You should go to a music site that sells sheet music for choirs. You can find a lot of songs that might appeal to you just by browsing.sheetmusicplus.comjwpepper.comvoicemusiconly.comFree public domain choral musicwww2.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/Main_PageYou can get sheet music from Amazon.com too.There is a nice SATB arrangement of Enya’s “Orinoco Flow”, as well as “May it Be”Many arrangements can have the piano left off without harm as long as the vocal parts are dominant.

Here are some Great SATB Choir Songs. You can order the sheet music for all of these from sheetmusicplus.com A NUPTIAL BLESSING. Jan Michael Joncas ADORAMUS TE. PalestrinaAFRICA.. TotoALL ARE WELCOME.. Marty HaugenALL THE WORKS OF GOD.. Marty HaugenALLELUIA.. Robert MuczynskiAPPLE, APPLE. Marty SeiberAVE VERUM. MozartBAMBELELA.. Marty HaugenBOHEMIAN RAPSODY. QueenBRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS.. Paul SimonCAROL OF THE ANGELS.. John Jacob NilesCHESTER. William BillingsCOME SOOTHING DEATH.. J. S. BachCOME TO US EMANNUEL. Paul TateCORONATION ANTHUM #1. HandelCRUCIFIXUS MASS IN Bb min.. BachDO NOT LET YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED..David HaasDON GIOVANNI. Mozart (pub. G. Schirmer HL50338180DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ .. GleeDOWN TO THE RIVER TO PRAY.. Sheldon CurryECHO SONG.. Orlande de LassusEVERY TIME I FEEL THE SPIRIT. TraditionalFOR THE BEAUTY OF THE EARTH. John RutterGLORIA.. Antonio VivaldiHAIL MARY GENTLE WOMAN. Marty HaugenHALLE, HALLE , HALLE. John BellHALLELUJAH. Leonard CohenHE THAT SHALL ENDURE.. MendelssohnHE WATCHING OVER ISRAEL.. MendelssohnHEAVENS ARE TELLING.. WalkerHERE IS THEY FOOTSTOOL.. Paul CrestonJERUSALEM, MY DESTINY. Robert CooneyLACRIMOSA .. MozartLes Miserables Medley..Arr Baublil (pub H. Leonard HL 5237201LET JUSTICE ROLL LIKE A RIVER.. Marty HaugenLET US NOW PRAISE FAMOUS MEN.. Robert WilliamsMY LOVE WILL COME AGAIN. David HaasO JERUSALEM. David HaasO MAGNUM MYSTERIUM.. Morten LauridsenPILGRIM’S SONG.. Marty HaugenPLANETS, STARS AND AIRS OF SPACE.. J. S. BachREQUIEM RUTTER. John RutterSAM WAS A MAN.. Vincent PersichettiSANCTUS.. Franz Joseph HaydnSEASONS OF LOVE.. (Rent. Jonathan LarsonSHENANDOAH.. Marshall BartholomenSHEPHERD ME OH GOD.. Marty HaugenSING AND CHANT IT.. Thomas MorleySOMEBODY TO LOVE.. QueenTAKE AND EAT.. Jan Michael JoncasTAKE ME HOME.. David HaasTHE CLOUD’S VEIL. Liam LawtonTHE HAND OF GOD SHALL HOLD YOU.. Marty HaugenTHE HANDSOME BUTCHER.. Martyas SeiberTHE LIGHTS OF THE CITY.. David HaasTHE LITTLE WHITE HEN.. Antonio ScandelloTHE OLD WOMAN. Matyas SeiberTHE PRAYER (Quest for Camelot ) Celine DionTHE TOMB IS EMPTY. David HaasTHE TURTLE DOVE.. Robert Vaughn WilliamsTHEE WITH TENDER CARE. J.S. BachTHERE IS A PLACE. Liam LawtonTIME TO SAY GOODBYE.. Andrea BocelliTUNE THY MUSIC TO THY HEART.. Alec RowleyTURN MY HEART TO GOD. Marty HaugenWEST SIDE STORY MELODY.. Hal Leonard HL450057WHEN JESUS WEPT.. William BillingsWHEN YOU BELIEVE,, The Prince of EgyptWHERE YOUR TREASURE IS. Martin HaugenWONDEROUS COOL, THOU WOODLAND QUIE.. J.S. BachYOU RAISE ME UP.. .. Josh Groban

Does anyone have any ideas for a song that suits a dance stimulus of mirrors/puppeteering/eating disorders? I’m choreographing a dance with a friend based on mirrors, puppets and eating disorders. We’re using a mixture of songs; Hide and Seek -Imogen Heap and part of Speeding Cars- Imogen Heap and we’re looking for one more. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!
You could use one of these maybe. I don’t know if this is what you are looking for but.Hanging by a Thread- Jann ArdenAngel- Sarah McLaughlanCaged Bird- Alicia KeysCalling All Angels- Jane Siberry Hope this helps!

Anas song – silverchairSkeleton song – kate nash (not asctually about eating disorders but could be)Manic Street Preachers – 4st 7lbCourage by superchickBarlow Girls— “Mirror”lucas carpenter — “Making Mirrors Extinct”i love hide and seek by imagen heap 🙂 its much better than the remake.

Id say beautiful – Christina Agulira :)Because thats kind of about eat disorders and it would also portray the mirror side of it aswel!xx

How do I gloss this one part in a song in PSE format? So I’m totally stuck on this one part of my song that I have to sign in front of my class. I’m signing the song Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap and there’s one section icant figure out. It has to make sense to a person who I deaf as well:”oily marks appear on walls where pleasure moments hung before the takeover, the sweeping insensitivity of this still life.” does anybody know how to gloss this?
In PSE?#OIL PAINTING SHOW-UP ON WALL WHERE ENJOY MOMENT HANG BEFORE CONQUER SWEEP NOT SENSITIVE THIS STILL LIFEfyi, that makes no sense in ASL. you would have to mouth everything and the deaf person would just lipread and use the sign to help them make sure they have the right word in their head, and then try to understand it -in English-, not signhope i helped somewhat, im no expert on PSE haha


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