Oasis: Hey Now, Oasis: Hey Now! – N. Gallagher

Oasis – Hey Now!

Song by Oasis, from the album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? (1995). This video was created by me.

You can download the score from the video: Oasis: Hey Now, Oasis: Hey Now! – N. Gallagher

Hey Now cover Oasis


What do you think about Noel Gallagher?

You can download the score from the video: Oasis: Hey Now, Oasis: Hey Now! – N. Gallagher

One of the best songwriters in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. The world needs more rock stars with his wit, confidence, and arrogance. Very few rock stars are as caustically funny as he is. The man’s a badass. He’s an average-at-best guitarist, but hey, that’s what Oasis had Gem Archer for.

Are There Any Oasis Fans On Yahoo Answers? And if so what are some of your favourite songs? Mine areLet’s All Make Believe (I can’t believe this was not a single let alone not on an album) The MasterplanDon’t Go AwayShe’s Electric Talk TonightDigsy’s DinnerLive ForeverAcquiesceLittle By LittleGo Let It OutSlide AwayRevolution SongWhateverRoll With It Underneath the Sky Just Getting OlderI’m Outta TimeDon’t Look Back in AngerThank You For The Good TimesRoll It OverGoing NowhereLylaThe Importance of Being IdleSong BirdWonderwall Half the World Away Sunday Morning Call Married With Children(I Got) The FeverSad SongRound Are Way Where Did It All Go Wrong?I have loved Oasis since they released Live Forever and I have seen them in concert a few times and I know some people might say the Gallaghers are rude and arrogant but I met Noel once and he seemed like a really down to earth guy and he is my favourite out of the two.
Me me me! Oh wow I have too many to name! Their classic stuff is my favourite. Umm let’s see:Live Forever (all time favourite)Slide AwayGas Panic(It’s Good) To Be FreeTalk TonightChampagne SupernovaI Can See A LiarI Hope, I Think, I KnowSupersonicShock Of The LightningOutta TimeLyla (that’s me!)Stop Crying Your Heart OutIt’s Better PeopleMy Sister LoverOk that’s enough for now 🙂

“Morning Glory”youtube.com/watch?v=ZucKDddRMSM”Rock ‘N Roll Star”youtube.com/watch?v=7sNC3CB9Vl8″Cigarettes and Alcohol”youtube.com/watch?v=qvhkvNI_XjA”It’s Getting Better (Man)”youtube.com/watch?v=vaseIZHD1jA

“All Around The World” is good.All Around The World (Full Version)youtube.com/watch?v=cnDqpB8UDM8

Yes! Oasis is one of my favourite bands, my favourite Oasis songs areThe Shock of LightningLet’s All Make BelieveLittle By LittleAll Around the WorldLive ForeverGo Let It OutSlide AwayD’You Know What I Mean?The MasterplanThank You For The Good TimesRoll It OverChampagne SupernovaGoing NowhereLylaRevolution SongWhateverDon’t Go AwayAcquiesceRoll With ItUnderneath the SkySong BirdWonderwallHalf the World AwayWhere Did It All Go Wrong?Up in the SkyDon’t Look Back in AngerStand by MeThe Importance of Being Idle

I like some of their music but I am certainly not a fan of them as people.They make Axel Rose look like an angel. LOLUnderneath the Sky is my favorite by them.Going Nowhere.Slide AwayWonderwall.

I love Oasis! I think both the brothers got heavily stereotyped back in the day. They were too honest and people didn’t like that, they were also too lazy to challenge any of the stereotypes. A lot of what they’ve said has been misreported or misunderstood, most of it was jokes (the claims of divinity people?) or taken out of context. I think Liam enjoyed playing up to his public image and is now stuck in it but too lazy to make a big jump to show people he’s not as much of an idiot as they think. “I’m not a rock star, I wash my hair, me”Anyway I love their honesty and rough and readiness. Too many people now are scripted and dressed by professionals. I think Liam gets the worst press just because people enjoy an underdog, Noel’s liked more by the press just because it’s a way to get at Liam. Ultimately the rest of the band chose to stay with Liam rather than leaving with Noel My favourite songs (I’ll try and keep it short):Live Forever (obviously. I prefer the demo version or the live recording from Familiar to Millions, the vocals only from the album is utterly amazing though)AcquiesceAll Around the World (it’s too long I think but still amazing and an incredible sing-along)Bag it UpBonehead’s Bank HolidayBring it On DownCigarettes and AlcoholColumbiaD’You Know What I Mean?Digsy’s DinnerGas Panic!(Get Off Your) High Horse LadyGo Let It OutGoing NowhereHalf the World AwayHey Now!The Hindu TimesI am the Walrus (Beatles cover, I almost like it better than the original!)I Believe in AllI’m Outta TimeThe Importance of Being IdleLet’s All Make Believe (agreed. The fact that this wasn’t included on the album is almost a crime)Little JamesLord Don’t Slow Me Down (Liam vocals- I do tend to prefer Liam’s voice to Noels)LylaMagic PieThe MasterplanMorning GoryPart of the Queue (even if it is about milk)Rock N Roll StarRoll it OverShakermakerShe’s Electric (only Oasis could get away with such awful lyrics)The Shock of the LightningStay YoungUnderneath the SkyUp in the Sky


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