Help Is Round The Corner (Chris E. Martin)

Help Is Round The Corner – Coldplay – Cover by ortoPilot

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Digital sheet music source: Help Is Round The Corner (Chris E. Martin)

Help is Just around The corner – Coldplay cover

This is my acoustic version of this amazing Coldplay tune “Help is just around the corner.” yes, it is, indeed… Turn your lights down low 🙂

Dwight Howard of Baseball? I am playing fantasy basketball for the first time this season. I am in love with fantasy sports now! My friends are going to be playing fantasy baseball and I need some advice please. I notice in fantasy basketball that big men who can score, rebound and block (ex. Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Al Jefferson) are extremely valuable. In terms of baseball what would you say are the most important categories are and the hardest to come by? I didn’t do too well in basketball so I am hoping to dominate in baseball. I assume HR are a rear commodity? Do I go pitching first or hitting? Any advice would be great. Get as detailed as you want haha.

Digital sheet music source: Help Is Round The Corner (Chris E. Martin)

I’d go hitting first, your pitchers will only get you points twice a week at the most, so your everyday stats will be from your hitters. Players who can do it all are obviously the best to get. Also, a good catcher and second baseman help, since they’re among the weakest overall positions in fantasy.

The big guys are also good in baseball because with a HR they will also knock in atleast one RBI and RUN depening on how many people are on base. I would defintely go with hitting first than pitching. Im biased towards Pujols because im a cardinals fan

You should always wait to draft pitching because every year there are people who come out of nowhere and make a huge impact (i.e. Cliff Lee last year who had previously only been a mediocre pitcher, Ryan Dempster who had never pitched at a consistently high level.year before that Fausto Carmona who had been a failed get the point). Just make sure to keep an eye out during the season for pitchers who seem to have finally figured out how to “pitch” instead of how to “throw”.There are some positions that are filled with talent so you don’t need to rush out and get it. OF for example has plenty of players available who can deliver power or speed or average. Further, the corner infield positions are usually deep enough that you don’t have to worry about finding value in later rounds. That being said, the middle infield is where I like to start. This year isn’t as bad as it has been in the past but 2B is usually a very weak position. In the past, if you could get Chase Utley you were guaranteed to have the best producing 2B in your league, with the drop-off being substantial (not so true this year because he is coming off of hip surgery).C is also a sneaky position because people like Russell Martin can hit for AVG and get SBs, and he is eligible at 3B is some leagues.My other advice would be to be wary of big name players. People who drafted Jorge Posada last year when he was coming off a career year were very disappointed. As they say, “don’t drink the Kool-Aid” on a player, do your research and don’t necessarily rely on past performance.Lastly, really look at what stat categories your league uses. That will completely shape how your draft your team. For example, if your pitching categories are: IP, W, Ks, WHIP, ERA, and can forget about using any closers because they only help your Ss category and have the potential to hurt your IPs, Ws, Ks, WHIP, and ERA.Good luck!


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